Easy leaf lantern craft

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  • If your little ones are always ‘borrowing’ your glue or crafting materials for their own makes then we have the perfect idea to see them through a creative afternoon.

    These simple glass jars give great results without too much delicate work needed and will keep your kids out of trouble for at least and hour.

    Our families love to collect all sorts of collage materials while we’re out and about on walks. The next time you’re out and about with your children ask them to gather a pretty selection of leaves for this fun craft project!

    We find that a selection of shapes and sizes complement each other best, giving a lovely finish to a collection. You could start by making three, one using small leaves, one with medium and one with large. That way you can decide which you like best and make more of those ones.

    If you don’t have spare glasses or jars then you could always wash out old jam jars – they’re perfect for an inexpensive way to get crafting quick!

    Planning to use these outside? Then jam jars are actually even better than plain glasses as you add their lids to stop the candles being blown out. Just remember to pierce a couple of holes in the top of each lid to give your candle enough oxygen to burn.

    You will need

    -Glass jars


    -PVA glue

    Step 1

    Collect a pile of pretty leaves in different shapes and sizes.

    Step 2

    Paint the outside of each jar with an even and thin layer of PVA glue. If your glue is very thick then you can add a little bit of water to make it easier to spread on the outside.

    Step 3

    Press leaves round the outside, ensuring all the edges are stuck down firmly. Leave to dry before adding a tealight and decorating your home with these pretty candleholders.