Weather chart – crafts for kids

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  • As the British weather is so unpredictable, the kids will love making this


    weather chart and symbols like the snowman and the smiling sun, using a special clay called Fimo Soft. Best of all you can display it all on your fridge so you’ll always be ready for the day ahead – whether it’s a sunny day in the park or a day splashing about in wellies.

    How to make a weather chart:

    Time: 2 hours 
    Skill level: Beginner

    Craft equipment:

    • Fimo Soft: 1 packet each of white, red, yellow, blue, green
    • 5 magnets
    • A cocktail stick or toothpick
    • 1 piece of card
    • A baking tray
    • An oven

    Craft instructions:

    Knead the Fimo you are working with until it is soft and pliable.

      Use the picture as a guide and form the shapes to make the weather
      symbols: sun = sunny, snowman = snowy, kite = windy, cloud = cloudy, umbrella = rainy.

      Press a magnet into the back of each of the Fimo models and then use a cocktail stick to draw on the details.

      Line a baking tray with foil and place your Fimo model in the oven on the tray. Bake for 15-20 minutes at 130˚C/275˚F/Gas Mark 1/2, then leave to cool. If the magnets fall out once the Fimo has been baked, use a strong glue to glue them back in place.

      Write or print on a piece of card ‘Today’s weather is…’ and it’s ready to place on your fridge.

    Crafty tip


    Work on some clingfilm or a sheet of
    acetate to protect your work surface and stop the Fimo sticking. When
    rolling out flat shapes, place the Fimo between two pieces of clingfilm
    to prevent it sticking to either surface.

    Safety tip:

    Adults should put the craft into/out of the oven, wearing oven gloves. Also ensure children are supervised around a hot oven and baking tray.