7 tips to soothe dry hands

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  • Amid the Covid-19 crisis, washing our hands is more important than ever to keep ourselves, and those around us healthy. But, intense washing and use of sanitiser can cause dryness and itching.

    If these symptoms develop into cuts or cracking, they can unfortunately lead to other infections like dermatitis, so looking after your hands is essential.

    NHS doctor, DR Ejikeme has shared her top tips on how to sooth dry skin, while avoiding dryness.

    Top tips for soothing dry hands

    1.Choose washing over sanitiser where possible

    Washing with soap and water for 20-30 seconds is better than hand sanitiser. Sanitiser is great on the go but there is no need to apply it after washing. Sanitiser has a high alcohol content so is very drying on the skin.

    2. Don’t over-wash

    Washing your hands after using the toilet and being in public spaces is important, yes – but there is no need to wash your hands every 10 minutes, which will dry the hands out. Do make sure to wash your hands before touching your face or caring for anyone else.

    3. Water FIRST, then soap

    Place water on your hands before adding soap to help reduce irritation.

    4. Apply hand cream

    After washing, apply hand cream to avoid the skin drying out and apply regularly throughout the day.

    5. Treat very dry hands differently

    If you find your hands are already itchy, dry or peeling, use a barrier cream such as lanolin or Vaseline and cover any areas of cracked skin.

    6. Dry your hands properly

    Charlotte Vøhtz, founder of Green People and an expert in organic beauty says, ‘Drying your hands thoroughly is as important as washing them regularly. Not only will excess soap cling to the skin, putting it at risk of irritation and dryness, but damp, wet hands will attract more germs than dry, clean ones.’

    7. Wear gloves when cleaning

    ‘Detergents and washing-up liquids can contain harsh chemicals, artificial fragrances and SLS,’ explains Charlotte. These ingredients can aggravate already sensitised skin and are best avoided when you are suffering with dry skin or eczema on your hands. If you’re doing the cleaning or washing up, always pop on a pair of protective, waterproof gloves to protect your hands.’

    8. Rehydrate hands overnight

    ‘Very dry hands can benefit from an overnight hand mask. Apply a hand cream that’s rich in nourishing actives just before bed and, for extra intense hydration, wear cotton gloves whilst you sleep,’ advises Charlotte.