The 15 best hand creams for dry hands, rated and reviewed by a Beauty Editor

Our tried-and-trusted edit of the best hand creams will transform sore, scratchy hands into silky-smooth skin

A close up of a owman applying hand cream from a tube to the back of her hand
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‘Tis the season to bust out the best hand creams for dry hands. When your mitts are crying out for a big slurp of moisture, you can rely on these top tubes to soothe sore skin, and inject instant and long-term hydration.

Most of us are regimental when looking after our skin, slathering on the best moisturisers as part of a winter skincare routine, or perhaps you indulge in the best bath oils for a full body pamper. But do your hands enjoy the same level of care? Probably not. Which isn’t really fair, given how hard we work them, from doing the dishes and frequent hand-washing to deep-cleaning the bathroom with harsh chemicals. “Keeping your hands moisturised helps to maintain a healthy skin barrier, which offers protection against external irritants and microbes,” explains Dr. Derrick Phillips, CeraVe’s Consultant Dermatologist. “The skin on your hands is constantly exposed to environmental factors such as sunlight, dry air, harsh soaps and water. A healthy skin barrier prevents loss of moisture, keeping the skin hydrated and avoiding dryness, fissuring and discomfort that can affect your ability to perform everyday tasks.” The time of year has an effect on the state of your hands, too. “The change in seasons, cooler weather and central heating can have an impact on how dry your hands can feel,” admits Antonia Philp, NHS Nurse and Co-Founder of Nursem. “The cooler air is drier and has less humidity, which makes skin feel drier too.”

Just like the best nightcreams can be used to target different concerns like wrinkles and pigmentation, our favourite hand creams do more than just moisturise. Whether you’re looking for something to tackle dark spots or sensitivity, we’ve done the squeezing, slathering and smoothing for you to find the hardest-working hand creams that will fix dry skin for good. If you want smooth, supple, soft hands for as long as possible, then these best hand creams are a solid investment in your skin’s future.

15 best hand creams for dry hands