Save £10 on Bare & Bond's curated fragrance service - and discover your signature scent

There's nothing quite as exciting as finding a new fragrance, whether it's a gift for a loved one or a treat for yourself. But you'll be forgiven for finding the process overwhelming...

A great fragrance has the power to transport the wearer to a specific moment or even a far-off place from a simple spritz. Conjuring up much-loved memories whilst giving you a little boost in both calm and confidence, scents can make the difference between feeling dressed up and not. A perfume pick-me-up goes a long, long way.

It can often take years to find your signature scent so Bare & Bond have simplified the process of finding the one for you with their innovative Curated Editions. The expertly curated scents are based around a fragrance family or theme, think 'flower garden' or 'glowing amber' to enable you to discover new fragrances that come alive within either a season or setting.

With three perfumes within each curated selection, there's a mixture of both brands and artisanal makers with each set comprising of fragrances that are all very different from one another yet within the same scent family. With the first an easy to explore, the second more adventurous, and the third more artistic and bold.

Each of the Curated Editions sets is entirely vegan and packaged in entirely recyclable or reusable materials, so in the words of the Bare & Bond founders you can 'smell amazing and save the planet at the same time.'

Save £10 when you purchase any one or all five of their five new Curated Editions collections with our exclusive discount code 'GOODTOKNOW'.

Woody Wander collection

Discover three unique wood blends bought together to help you discover the diversity of the woody scent note.

Bond & Bare's Curated Editions includes: Tokyo by Gallivant with notes of Yuzu, Cardamom, Hinoki, Sandalwood and Vetiver. Ground Control by MB Parfums with notes of Black hemlock, Fir balsam, Cedar leaf, Guaiacwood, Cedarwood, Moss, Agarwood and Amber resin. Sexiest Scent On The Planet by Tuesdays with notes: Bergamot, Woods and vanilla.

VIEW NOW - Bare & Bond | £59 |  Save £10 with discount code 'GOODTOKNOW'

Flower Garden collection

The Flower Garden Curated Editions is made up of three floral blends: Both Sides Of Cloud by Tuesdays with notes of orange flower, lemon, bergamot and sandalwood Tubereuse Organique by The Zoo is an organic, fresh scent evoking flower markets Perfumista by Anatole Lebreton with key accords of woody rose, patchouli and fruity top notes of pear and plum

VIEW NOW - Bare & Bond | £59 |  Save £10 with discount code 'GOODTOKNOW'

Glowing Amber collection

For easy exploring within the Glowing Amber Curated Editions, try

Oxford by Ruth Mastenbroek with heart notes of clary sage, jasmine and lavender. Moon Walk by MB Parfums with rich top notes of black pepper and mineral accord Amber by Rook with top notes of Saffron; middle notes of smoke and amber and base notes of resins, Tonka Bean and Black Musk.

VIEW NOW - Bare & Bond | £59 |  Save £10 with discount code 'GOODTOKNOW'


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