Fringe hacks
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These easy hair hacks will keep your fringe looking fabulous all day – no matter what life (or the British weather) throws at you.

We’ve asked the experts for their top tips, hairstyle secrets, and ultimate fringe hair hacks, so you can wear your hair the way you want. Celebrity hairdresser Andrew Barton says that for thinning or wispy hair, “a shorter hair cut or fringe will help make your style look fuller and stronger” so a fringe can be a chic and sensible style (just look at Lorraine Kelly!)

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Here as some top fringe hair hacks to keep your ‘do looking fabulous:

1. From Shower to Hairdryer

As soon as you step out of the shower, the first thing you need to do is grab your hairdryer! Your fringe dries much quicker than you think, and as soon as it starts to dry naturally, the quicker it can set into a shape you don’t want.

The team at Nicky Clarke agrees and they recommend, “Give your fringe a rough towel dry and then begin to style it. Try using a Hot Air Styler for the best results”.

2. Perfect the Blow-Drying Technique

It’s important to perfect your blow-drying technique to make sure the overall shape of your fringe is set for the day. While gripping the roots of your fringe with a round brush, blow-dry from side-to-side, almost using a windshield-wiper motion – sounds crazy but this actually helps the fringe to dry flat!

3. Less is More

It’s tempting to slather on different styling products to try and tame frizz, but this only ends up in a greasy fringe by midday! If you use any product through your hair normally, like an anti-frizz serum, try applying it to the rest of your hair first and only apply a tiny bit to your fringe.

4. Wash, rinse, repeat!

Although there’s no need to wash all your hair every single day, you might want to stick to a different hair-washing schedule for your fringe. Unlike the rest of your hair, fringes only take hours to turn greasy so try shampooing just your fringe every day.

fringe hacks

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It won’t add hours onto your morning routine – while you’re washing your face in the morning, just give your fringe a quick shampooing treatment at the same time.

5. Make Dry Shampoo Your New Best Friend

If you’re really pushed for time in the morning and don’t get a chance to shampoo your fringe, don’t panic! Make dry shampoo your new best friend in between hair washes.

It’ll absorb any oil in your fringe, giving a matte effect. Just remember to brush through your fringe properly afterwards to get rid of that powdery, chalky effect that dry shampoo can sometimes leave.

6. Look After Your Forehead

If you’re piling moisturiser and foundation onto your forehead every day, these products can easily transfer to your fringe, making it appear greasy. Make sure to wash and cleanse your forehead thoroughly every morning to avoid this happening!

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7. Carry a Comb

Grab yourself a small comb that you can keep stashed in your handbag to make sure you keep on top of the gaps in your fringe that are bound to appear throughout the day. After all, your fringe faces rain, sweat, humidity, and much more before you even get to work! A quick comb through will freshen up your fringe right away.

8. Make the most of free trims

Kieron Fowles, creative director at Regis, comments: “it is really important to get your fringe trimmed regularly to maintain the shape and style.

Fringe hacks

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A longer fringe would need a trim every 4-6 weeks but a blunt style requires more regular trips to the salon. Most salons will offer a free fringe trim between appointments.”

9. Quick fix

We saved one of our favourite fringe hair hacks for last! Celeb favourite and salon owner Paul Edmonds says, “When you’ve slept on your fringe and it’s standing up or uneven, try damping a piece of cotton wool and rub it into the roots and then blow dry to get it back in line.”

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