Spring nail polishes that won’t break the bank – all costing under £10

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  • We've rounded up some of the best spring nail varnishes costing less than £10, so you can re-vamp your manicure for less!

    Whether you’ve got a steady enough hand to be an at-home pro or are taking a break from gels, these polishes are well worth a try. Just don’t forget to finish with a slick of top coat across the nail and tip to max out their staying power. Follow our top tips for a salon-worthy mani at home…

    1. Paint like a pro

    Look out for brushes with bristles that fan outwards as you move the brush upwards, covering the whole nail with straight, wobble-free edges. Strayed outside of the lines? Clean up any little spills or smudges with Leighton Denny Precision Corrector Fluid, £12, lookfantastic.com.

    2. Remove right

    To prevent breaking and bending caused by dehydrated nails, make sure your remover is acetone free. Even if you’ve not been wearing polish, expert manicurist Michelle Humphrey still recommends cleansing the nail plate with a quick slick of remover. ‘This will remove any excess oil and dust – important for product adhesion and smooth application,’ she explains

    3. Oil up

    ‘I would advise oiling your cuticles at least once a day to help keep your nail plate hydrated and flexible,’ says Michellen Humphrey. Keep a bottle on your desk or bedside table to help you remember – your nails will thank you for it.

    4. Give your hands some TLC

    Healthy hands equal healthy nails, so it’s important to show them a little love. Keep your mitts protected by wearing gloves when cleaning and switch harsh hand soaps for something nourishing. Slathering on a hand cream will make a real difference too.

    5. Pick your colour wisely

    Wishy-washy whites and nudes will make chips less noticeable, but it often takes a few coats to achieve an even colour. Michelle’s advice? ‘Choose a well pigmented colour, anything that looks streaky or patchy isn’t going to give a professional finish,’ she says.

    If you don’t feel ready for the day, unless your nails are looking good, you’ll also love our genius nail painting tricks – these are tips every manicure lover needs to know!