Study reveals the best foods to ward off hunger pangs (including nuts, chicken and CHEESE!)

They all have something surprising in common...

A study has highlighted some of the best foods to eat if you want to keep hunger pangs at bay.

The research, conducted by scientists at the University of Warwick, highlighted a selection of fruits, vegetables and sources of protein that can keep you fuller for longer (opens in new tab), all of which are relatively simple to include in your daily diet (opens in new tab).

All of the foods have one thing in common: they're notably high in two types of amino acids, arginine and lysine, which react with tanycytes, the brain cells that control your hunger signals.

Nicholas Dale, professor of neuroscience at the University of Warwick, explained of the findings: 'Amino acid levels in blood and brain following a meal are a very important signal that imparts the sensation of feeling full.'

'Finding that tanycytes, located at the centre of the brain region that controls body weight, directly sense amino acids has very significant implications for coming up with new ways to help people to control their body weight within healthy bounds.'

Foods that can stop you from feeling hungry

All of these foods are high in the two amino acids that the study concluded may help to ward off hunger, so including them in your eating plan could help you to feel more satisfied!

Almonds Walnuts Pistachios Peanuts Plums Avocado Aubergine Sweet potato Sesame seeds Tahini Cheese (especially parmesan) Chicken Turkey Pork shoulder Anchovies Tuna Mackerel Crab

Recipes like this roasted spiced pork shoulder (opens in new tab) could stop you craving snacks after you've eaten.

The research also raised a discussion about the possible future of these amino acids in products like diet pills, as their effectiveness as appetite suppressants could be beneficial to those who are trying to lose weight.

Are there any foods you swear by to keep tummy rumbles at bay until your next meal? Let us know in the comment section below!

Jessica Dady
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