10 energy foods

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  • Feeling sluggish? Can't keep your eyes open? Lack of sleep making you grumpy? Try eating and drinking these...

    Running around after the kids all day can leave us feeling sluggish and grumpy by teatime, but did you know that adding a few energy foods to your plate can make all the difference to your mood, health and get up and go?

    We’re all guilty of overdoing it on the coffee, fizzy drinks or sugary snacks to keep us going on busy days. These quick-fixes can make us feel worse though, zapping our energy as the effects wear off. Energy foods work differently, steadily releasing energy so you’ll be wide awake (and ready for anything) all day long. Just imagine having enough energy to do the things you want to do, rather than wishing it was bedtime come 3pm. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

    Before you worry that energy foods are a new, faddy way of eating that will push up the price of your weekly shop, don’t. Most energy foods are cheap, all-natural (water, beans, oats) and probably already sitting in your kitchen cupboard, so you can start eating – and drinking – for more energy right now. Oh, and did we mention most energy foods are really good for you too?

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