Home workout equipment: Slim down your hips with these fun fitness tools

There's at least one part of our bodies we hate more than the rest. Find out the best fitness equipment for toning and slimming arms, boobs, tummy, hips, bum and thighs

Home workout equipment

Slim down from the comfort of your own home with these easy home workouts

Home workout equipment is officially in...

It's natural for us women to store fat around our, hips, waist, thighs and bum. Unfortunately this makes it harder to slim down these areas.

If you're on a tight Christmas budget and don't feel like splashing out on a gym membership, then you're in the right place. We have a list of the best home workout equipment that will help you tackle these areas without having to spend too much money, or even leave the house!

The best products to choose are the ones that will give you a fat-burning cardiovascular workout (getting your heart pumping and lungs working), like skipping, hula hooping or aerobics.

Not only are these home workout tools effective, but they're also just so much fun.

With even just a couple of these purchases, ladies, you'll be feeling slimmer than ever. We promise that you won't look back!

Best fitness DVD:

Insanity Workout DVD (opens in new tab), £59.95, from Amazon

Home workout equipment


This cardio workout program has taken the world by storm, and with a nutrition guide, 10 intense workout DVDs and a calendar to track your progress all included in the pack, it's no wonder why! Insanity offers a huge range of different workouts including strength-training, resistance, pure cardio and abs exercises.

We have to admit that it is notoriously challenging, but you can go at your own pace and the amazing results are completely worth it.

Best home workout equipment:

Reebok Step (opens in new tab), £75.00, from Amazon

Home workout equipment

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A step workout is one of the best all-round cardio exercises you can do for getting fit, toning muscles, and burning fat from your hips, belly and thighs. You can adjust the height to change the intensity of your workout, or use ankle, wrist or hand weights to tone up quicker.

Gaiam Dance Hoop Kits (opens in new tab), £19.99, from Amazon

Home workout equipment


Get a fun, low-impact, full-body workout with this weighted hula-hoop and fitness DVD. Hula-hooping burns as many calories as running and is great for loosening joints, strengthening tummy muscles, and slimming down hips, bums and thighs.

TANITA CJ688 Calorie Jump Rope (opens in new tab), £7.80, from Amazon

Home fitness equipment


This skipping rope counts the number of jumps and calculates calories burned. Choose skipping to get a good cardio workout and improve breathing, flexibility and co-ordination too. It's a high-impact exercise, so not great if you have mobility problems, but it slims down hips, thighs and you're bum and you could burn 110kcals in 10 minutes!

JLL Twist Board with Reflexology Magnet Dots for Waist & Hips Twist Exercise (opens in new tab), £6.99, from Amazon

Home fitness equipment


This is a great piece of fitness equipment for women of all fitness levels. It does wonders for slimming hips and it's really easy to use. Just stand on the board and twist away. It gets your legs, tummy, hips and arms moving, increases blood circulation and helps massage internal organs too.

Well, what are you waiting for? Start the new year off right by purchasing these over the festive period!

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