Julia Bradbury reveals the relatable way she got back into shape after giving birth to twins

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TV presenter Julia Bradbury has opened up about getting her body back into shape after giving birth to twin daughters in 2015.

Speaking to Fit & Well magazine, ex-Countryfile host Julia, 46, revealed that she'd used a very relatable exercise to regain her former fitness levels: walking.

'I was back filming Best Walks six months after having the girls,' says Julia, who is mum to two-year-old twins Xanthe and Zena, as well as elder son Zephyrus, five.

'I would have liked longer off, but it was already being planned out. I was filming six different locations over seven weeks and I walked off my baby weight. You're working hard on those shoots, on your feet for 10 hours a day and covering miles. I think on one day we did about 25,000 steps.'

Image: Fit & Well/David Venni

For those of us who aren't hiking long distances on a daily basis, Julia's regime is still achievable, as she says that when she's not filming she uses the school run and trips to the park with her kids to top up her step count, and wears a fitness tracker to ensure she hits her goal of 10,000 per day.

'The other night it was about 11pm and I'd done 9,800 steps, so I ran up and down the stairs to get something, just so I'd hear the 'ding' to tell me I'd done my 10,000!' she admits.

However, despite feeling confident and happy with her body, Julia says that she's noticed the changes that motherhood has brought.

'My tummy's changed. I'm getting older, too, so it's important to take stock,' she told the mag, although she does add that neither of these factors are going to make her give up her favourite treat - the odd chocolate biscuit!

Read the full interview and discover Julia's secret toning trick in the latest issue of Fit & Well, out now!


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