Does your relationship pass the 'Beckham Test'? The viral trend is taking TikTok by storm, so how does your partner compare to the world-famous footballer?

Is your relationship as strong as David and Victoria's?

David and Victoria Beckham holding hands in the stands at a football match
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A viral TikTok trend inspired by Netflix's Beckham documentary has many wondering what the 'Beckham Test' is.

TikTok is turning into a destination for dating tips and relationship advice, as the platform allows therapists to share their views on signs a partner is cheating and ways to spice up a relationship - including explaining the benefits of practices such as tantric sex

But as well as legitimate advice from relationship experts, the video-sharing platform is also a hotbed for viral trends and tests that promise to reveal whether a pairing is meant to be. And the latest of these doing the rounds is the 'Beckham Test', inspired by David and Victoria Beckham's relationship.

After watching the Beckham documentary that aired earlier this year on Netflix, couples have been putting their partners to the test by seeing if they will dance with them unprompted to Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers' 'Islands in the Stream'. Viewers were left swooning when David joined in with Victoria's spontaneous dancing to the song, and for some it's become the marker of a happy relationship.

The hashtag #BeckhamTest on TikTok has amassed over 42.4 million views as couples try to replicate the scene with their partners, who 'pass' the test if they join in with the dancing. 

What is the 'Beckham Test'?


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In the Beckham documentary, Victoria is seen doing a two-step to 'Islands in the Stream' when the family are spending time at their Cotswolds home. David quickly joins in with his wife and the pair start dancing together in synchronisation. 

The episode then cuts to a clip of Victoria saying to David, "Why I feel happy now is I feel really content now, and I get that sense you feel really content now." Viewers have branded the scene 'relationship goals'. 

The clip prompted viewers to replicate the couple's dance moves, which then became a 'test' as users waited hopefully to see if their partner would join them. 

And David Beckham himself has gotten involved with the trend, commenting on TikToks with #BeckhamTest to reassure them that their partner had passed. Under one video posted to the platform, he wrote, "Definitely a pass".

The trend comes after the documentary got viewers wondering where David Beckham lives, as several of his stunning homes were on show in the Netflix series, while others wanted to know where Rebecca Loos is now, after her rumoured affair with the footballer was briefly touched on in the series. 

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