Thigh exercises: Tone up fast with our 30-day challenge

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    Although there’s a lot to be said for the power of dark denim jeans or a well-fitting midi skirt, wouldn’t it be nice to stride around, from the bedroom to the beach, with nothing but love in our hearts for our thighs? Well, if you follow our 3o-day challenge for thigh exercises, you will find yourself feeling that way in no time!

    Thighs can be one of the trickiest areas to tone, and if you don’t have access to a gym with specialised machines it can feel almost impossible. But we’re here to tell you that there are some thigh exercises you can do to target pesky leg fat without stepping foot in the gym.

    Heck, you could do these thigh exercises in your front room if you want to!

    If you’re looking for how to lose weight on your thighs, then the usual rules apply: get lots of regular exercise and eat a balanced diet.

    But if you want to tone your thighs to be sleek and strong, there are a few targeted thigh exercises you can try to make sure you get guaranteed results in just one month!

    Nutracheck Fitness Expert Kelly Marshall has devised a 30-day wobbly thigh challenge that aims to target every muscle (including your hamstring and quadriceps) to change the shape of your thighs.

    By combining static training alongside a movement-based style of exercise, you’ll be having the maximum effect on your thighs in just 30 days.

    What does the wobbly thighs plan involve?

    The format for the 30-day Wobbly Thigh Challenge follows three days of work followed by a day of rest, to allow the thighs to recover (on the rest day you should ideally incorporate stretching to aid recovery!).

    Each day focuses on a different exercise which targets the different parts of the thigh muscles in unique ways – so they are constantly overloaded!

    Each four-day cycle looks like this:

    Day 1: Isometric wall squat hold and forward to backward lunges
    Day 2: Isometric wall squat hold and lateral duck walks
    Day 3: Isometric wall squat hold and air squats
    Day 4: REST

    The wobbly thigh exercises

    Getting started with the exercise plan couldn’t be easier, all you need to do is download your own 30-day wobbly thigh challenge using the link below, print it off and stick it up somewhere that will motivate you to do your daily exercise.

    You can download your FREE 30-day Wobbly Thigh Challenge here

    The moves

    Kelly shows you exactly how each of your wobbly thigh exercises should look:

    1. Isometric wall squat hold

    Wobbly thighs 30 day thigh challenge

    Start by standing against a wall with your feet out in front if you (shoulder-width apart). Ensure your shoulders are flat against the wall, then slowly lower your body, sliding down the wall till you make a 90 degree angle at the hip and knee.

    At this point check your knees – if they are going forwards over your toes then you need to move your feet forwards! Once in the right position, with weight through your heels, shoulders and bum touching the wall, tummy tight… start counting!

    2. Forward to backward lunges

    Wobbly thighs 30 day thigh challenge

    Take a big step forward with your
 left leg and bend both knees so you 
create a forward lunge – both knees
 should be 90 degrees and the heel 
of your back foot should be lifted.
 Once the back knee has touched the 
floor then push back with your front
 leg to return to the start position.
 Then perform the backward part by 
taking a big step backwards (again
 with the left leg).

    Your body should
 adopt the same position as the 
forward lunge – knees at 90 degrees and the back heel off the floor. A forward and backward lunge with the same leg equals one repetition!

    3. Lateral duck walks

    Wobbly thighs 30 day thigh challenge

    With your weight in your heels, push your bum back and bend your knees to adopt a squat position. With
 your tummy pulled in,
 maintain this low squat position while taking
 controlled side steps.

    Keep the feet facing 
forwards and imagine
 you are transversing 
under a low ceiling.
 Take the relevant 
number of side steps in
 one direction before
 heading back the other way for the same number of repetitions. Only once you have done the reps can you stand back up. Prepare for a thigh burn!

    4. Air squats

    Wobbly thighs 30 day thigh challenge

    With feet shoulder-width apart, push your bum back and bend your knees to lower towards the floor. Hold your arms out in front of you to aid balance and allow you to squat lower.

    Aim to squat as low as feels comfortable – the optimum would be when your thighs reach the point where they are parallel to the floor. From here clench your butt to stand back up and repeat for the set number of reps.

    We’d love to know if you’re going to take The 30-Day Wobbly Thigh Challenge, and for you to keep us posted with your progress! Either leave us a comment below or visit our Facebook page to share your exercise experiences. Good luck!

    Make sure to balance out the challenge with a healthy diet, as you’ll have to veer away from fatty foods if you want the training to take its effect and for you to feel the difference on your thighs.

    Kelly Marshall, Nutracheck Fitness Expert says ‘It’s true that you can’t out-train a bad diet. To get the maximum benefit from your wobbly thigh plan, you need to make sure your nutrition is as focused as your exercise.’

    ‘The Nutracheck App is a must-have tool if you want to monitor your diet and track your calorie intake’.

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