Shoppers notice rude design on Christmas jumper and are left in hysterics

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  • Shoppers have been left in hysterics after noticing a rude design on a Christmas jumper.

    High-street retailer FatFace have recently launched a range of on-trend casual pieces with stylist Angie Smith.

    As part of their autumn/winter line the store released a Christmas jumper that at first glance looks pretty classic.

    The Felicity Fairisle Jumper is made from a cosy woollen blend and comes in a classic creamy-beige colour to go with any autumnal look.

    It even comes with a touch of sparkle and a snowflake yoke pattern to really get customers into the Christmas spirit.

    But it is that very pattern that has come to leave some customers in hysterics.

    The seemingly standard design could easily go unnoticed by most, but one customer took to Mumsnet to point out a possible hilarious flaw in the pattern.

    ‘It’s not just me is it?’ wrote the customer. ‘I don’t think they really thought though pattern.’

    ‘Or maybe they did for the niche market of those who think knitwear isn’t complete without a line of boobs across it ’.

    And after it was pointed out, other Mumsnet users couldn’t help but notice it.

    ‘It’s not you no ,’ wrote one user, while another added, ‘It is TERRIBLE isn’t it? How did they not notice? ’.

    ‘I’ve written a review pointing out the multi-boob bunting design,’ added another. ‘I predict that it will not be approved to go live on the website!’.

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    Another commented, ‘I looked at it and thought “What’s wrong with that… oh” as my eyes moved down’.

    ‘Cannot be unseen,’ wrote another. ‘I look forward to observing those jumpers in the wild.’

    ‘Whoever is selling this one needs to stop right now,’ commented another user, while one added, ‘that is terrible ’.

    One joked, ‘Well I can see my breastfeeding consultant friend being keen on it but I wouldn’t choose it’.

    However, one user was so loyal to the brand that they weren’t bothered by the design, writing, ‘Oh I usually love Fatface fairisle jumpers! I’d still wear it’.