Mum shares incredible ‘toilet bomb’ cleaning hack that leaves loo sparkling and smelling like a spa

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A video of a simple hack to quickly clean your toilet and leave it smelling fresh has gone viral - and all you need is three ingredients

Tik Tok, Facebook, and Instagram are great places to socialise, but an even better place to find a good cleaning hack.

From finding out how to clean behind radiators to how to de-ice your windshield with ease. Thanks to the internet, we can all nail cleaning tips that Mrs Hinch would be proud of.  

Thanks to one TikTok and Instagram star, we have a new simple hack to clean our toilets and leave them smelling like a spa.

Home hack influencer Carolina McCauley graced social media with her genius video, showing us the most epic way to clean a toilet we've seen in a while. She captioned the video, ‘Self Cleaning Toilet Bomb 💣’

In the clip, which now has thousands of views, she showed how to make a toilet bomb that will fizz away all the grime and mess and leave your loo spotless.

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All you need is one cup of baking soda, half a cup of citrus acid and a few drops of essential oil of your choice, lavender for example will definitely bring a spa-like smell.

Then simply mix them in a bowl, slowly add a bit of water until the consistency is like sand.

Then you pack the mixture into a silicone mold and let it dry until the squares pop out like ice cubes. Then just drop into your toilet and let it fizz away, you’ll be left with a heavenly spa smell and a clean toilet. What more could you want?

Bombarding the comment section with praise one viewer said, 'These look amazing!!!’ while another agreed, ‘She might be onto something here 🤔🤣.’ 

A real fan of the hack added, ‘Ok..this surpasses all the amazing tips so far 🙌 👏.'

Remember not to mix in bleach or put the bomb into your toilet if there is already bleach in it, as citric acid when mixed with bleach can cause harmful gases. 

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