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  • Woman Each week we team up with Woman’s Weekly magazine to talk about different health conditions. This week we look at ways to kick start your day.

    You could try:


    If you feel stiff, tired and stressed when you wake up, then a few simple yoga stretches and breathing, ideally outside or at an open window, will get the blood flowing and more oxygen to the cells. Stand with feet slightly apart, take a deep breath and, as you do so, slowly lift your arms out to the side and, from there, up above your head. At the same time, go up on tiptoes. Repeat two or three times.
    Try: Suzanne Deason and Rod Stryker’s 5 Day Fit Yoga DVD (£12.99). Start your day with Rod’s gentle AM Peak Performance Yoga, one of five classes on the 137-minute DVD. Available from ClearVision.

    Have a good breakfast

    Eating the right foods at breakfast will guarantee you have enough energy until lunchtime – and is the key to effective weight loss. A protein-rich breakfast, for example, poached eggs and grilled bacon with toast, or a wholegrain bagel with smoked salmon, will keep you from snacking mid-morning. Cereals are also an excellent choice – go for wholegrain, sugar-free varieties, and add some protein (nuts and seeds are good) and extra fibre, such as dried apricots, raisins or fresh fruit. Oaty cereals, such as porridge, are especially rich in fibre – they make you feel full and help reduce cholesterol levels as well.

    Try: Moma’s Oatie Breakfast, £2 for 235g. Made with jumbo oats soaked in fruit juice, live low-fat probiotic yogurt and real fruit. Choose from wild berry, strawberry and banana, apple and peach, or mango and banana varieties.

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