And Just Like That Season 2 trailer teases Aidan and Carrie romance and fans are delighted

A new trailer for the Sex and the City spin-off series has hinted that Carrie Bradshaw will finally reunite with lovable ex-boyfriend Aidan

And Just Like That Season 2 trailer teases Aidan and Carrie romance
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A new trailer for And Just Like That Season 2 has officially dropped, reminding Sex and the City fans everywhere that the premiere date of the first episode is nearly upon us. 

It's the spin-off that took the Internet by storm last spring, and it looks like it's about to make a bang once again. 

And Just Like That Season 2 is just around the corner, with Max (formerly HBO Max) confirming that the first episode will be released on June 22. The Sex and the City follow-up will see Carrie Bradshaw, Charlotte York, and Miranda Hobbes as they navigate the next stage of their professional, family, and love lives, much to the excitement of the show's loyal fanbase. 

Filming commenced in October 2022, with images of Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristin Davis, and Cynthia Nixon shooting in New York City circulating online and giving folks everywhere a preview of the (possible) upcoming storylines. 

And Just Like That

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If that wasn't enough material to get you buzzed, a brand trailer for And Just Like That Season 2 has dropped and it's brimming with teasers of what's to come.

From Carrie learning how to cook eggs (yes, really) and Charlotte getting 'wasted' to Miranda questioning her relationship with Che, the next chapter of Sex and the City is bound to deliver the perfect balance of comedy and drama that the franchise has become known for. Dr. Nya Wallace and Seema Patel, played by Karen Pittman and Sarita Choudhury respectively, are also back after joining the iconic trio in the first season. 

At one point in the trailer, Miranda and Charlotte come together to console Carrie, who is still grieving the death of her husband, Mr Big. The New York businessman died of a heart attack in the first episode of And Just Like That Season One, leaving Carrie to rebuild her life as a widow with the support of her close friends. 

It looks like an old romance, however, could be on the horizon for the Manhattan newspaper columnist in the next series. 

"We are all blissfully unaware of when our lives are about to change," Carrie says in the voiceover, before a shot of an email she's sending to Aidan - her ex-boyfriend - flash onto the screen. 

The former lovers are then shown having dinner together, prompting speculation amongst fans that they're finally about to get back together. 

"Sitting here with you is like ten years just..." Aidan, played by John Corbett, tells Carrie, before snapping his fingers to indicate time has flown by. The scene has been met with plenty of approval from fans, some of whom have claimed it's their sole motivation for tuning in. 

"Watching for Aidan and Aidan only," one person commented, while another said, "Named one of my son Aidan bcuz of this show .. so I got my own Aidan." 

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