And Just Like That Season 2: Will there be a new series and what cast members are returning?

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With the finale airing tonight, fans want to know if An Just Like That season 2 is on the cards.

It was arguably THE television premiere of 2021, when in December loyal Sex and the City fans were able to sit down and finally watch And Just Like That (opens in new tab) after 11 years of screen absence. Embracing and exploring a new age period in their lives, Carrie, Charlotte and Miranda have kept viewers entertained with their antics in the latest series. They've tackled everything from death to new relationships and motherhood all with their signature sprinkling of style and humour.

Sadly February 2022 brings with it the last episode of the And Just Like That series. And with many storylines still to be wrapped up, most are eager for more. We share everything we know about a possible season 2, plus what cast members will and won't be returning.

Will there be a season 2 of And Just like That?

Sarah Jessica Parker and show creator Michael Patrick King have both shared that they have talked about a second series of And Just Like That. And in good news for fans - neither have publicly ruled out another season. This being said there has been no official confirmation of a series 2 as yet.

In a recent interview with Variety (opens in new tab), Sarah Jessica Parker said she would "definitely" like to return for more And Just Like That action. It was just a case of figuring out people's schedules.

"Michael and I spoke two weeks ago, and said: 'OK, when are we going to talk about this?'" said SJP. "Because there’s a calendar and you don’t want to let too much time pass. There feels like there’s momentum."

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Another huge hint that a second season could be happening came from Michael Patrick King himself in December 2021. When quized by Emmy Magazine (opens in new tab) on the possibility of series 2, King said:

"I don't know. As we were working, it always felt like the beginning. It didn't feel like a beginning, middle and an end. So I think it's possible to keep going — if we have enough good stories."

It seems that HBO are certainly open to the idea of another season of And Just Like That too. Thanks to comments made by HBO and HBO Max chief content officer Casey Bloys.

He told Vulture that season 2 is "certainly a conversation we'll have" with SJP and Michael Patrick King. But that they "haven’t decided anything or done anything” as yet.

"I’m going to leave it up to these guys to figure out what they want to do, but I’m very happy with what they’ve done," he added. "I will tell you, it’s kind of what you want in a show like this. It really does feel like you’re picking up with old friends and haven’t missed a beat."

In early February, fans began speculating that a season two was all but confirmed. This was because a fan social media account shared the official HBO poster for the And Just Like That documentary.

Eagled-eye followers noted that it said "a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the first season". And this was significant as it didn't specify that it was a documentary about a limited series but rather the "first season". Aka suggesting more is to come..

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Who will be in the cast of And Just Like That season 2?

There's been no confirmation on which cast members will return for And Just Like That season 2. But it's safe to say that if a second series went ahead, Sarah Jessica Parker would be on board - as there wouldn't be a show without protagonist Carrie Bradshaw. Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon are also likely to return to make up the trio - as Charlotte York and Miranda Hobbes respectively. Whilst their husbands, Harry Goldenblatt (Evan Handler) and Steve Brady (David Eigenberg) could also make a re-appearance.

In wake of Stanford's exit from the show (following actor Willie Garson's tragic death (opens in new tab) in real life), partner Anthony Marentino enjoyed more scenes with the girls in season 1. So one would think actor Mario Cantone would also sign up for a series 2.

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The first season of And Just Like That introduced audiences to a host of new and exciting characters too. Including:

  • Sara Ramirez as Che Diaz
  • Sarita Choudhury as Seema Patel
  • Nicole Ari Parker as Lisa Todd Wexley
  • Karen Pittman as Dr Nya Wallace

The four newcomers all have their own storylines going on in the show. From Che's relationship with Miranda to Carrie's new pal Seema still searching for love. And it's hoped these would be further developed and explored if a season 2 took place.

As for Mr Big aka Chris Noth, it's understood he won't be returning to And Just Like That season 2. This is to do with both on-screen and off-screen reasons. In episode 1 of the latest series, Carrie's husband dies of a heart attack - much to the sadness of fans. It was reported that he would be making a reappearance in the show's finale, as part of a flashback sequence. But following accusations of sexual assault against the star (which he denies), show bosses re-edited and cut these scenes from the And Just Like That finale (opens in new tab).

Will Kim Cattrall be in And Just Like That season 2?

It is highly unlikely that Kim Cattrall will star in And Just Like That season 2. The Canadian actress, who played Samantha Jones in the series and two films, did not appear in the first season of the new show. And there's certainly no reason to suggest she'll return if series two took place.

Explaining her disappearance from And Just Like That season 1, viewers are told that Samantha Jones is now living in London. Carrie explains in episode 1 that the two fell out after she dropped Samantha as her PR representative for financial reasons. And Samantha has distanced herself from the trio as a result.

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Despite not being present in the show, there are a few nods to her character. During Mr Big's funeral in episode 2, Samantha sends a bunch of white flowers to pay her respects.

In a later episode, the two friends share a text exchange, after Carrie shared an anecdote about them live on her podcast. "Hi, Long story - short. I wanted to let you know, i mentioned that you pulled out my diaphragm on a podcast," messaged Carrie. To which Samantha replied: "One of my finest hours."

Carrie added: "Hope that's okay". Before Samantha shared: "Of course. I love that your vagina is getting air time."

Carrie follows up with an "I miss you" message and the conversation comes to an end.

Fans will have to see if any further Samantha references are made in the final episode which airs on Thursday 3 February 2022.

When is And Just Like That season 2 being released?

There's been no confirmation of a season 2 or a release date as yet. So we won't know anything further until HBO Max share an update on the future of And Just Like That.

Never-the-less we'll be scanning social media for clues in the meantime. And should any big announcements take place, we'll be sure to share the news.

The first series of And Just Like That was officially confirmed by the three main stars on 10 January 2021. And the first episode aired 11 months later on December 9, 2021. If a second series was to go ahead it is likely that it won't be released until 2023. This is based on season 1 of the show taking 11 months to hit our screens after a confirmation.

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In the meantime, you could always re-watch the second film: Sex and the City 2 (opens in new tab) available on Netflix. Or why not binge one of the hottest 2022 shows instead - like ITV's Trigger Point (opens in new tab), or the BBC's Rules of the Game (opens in new tab) and upcoming This is Going to Hurt (opens in new tab).

Where to catch up on episodes of And Just like That

You can catch up with all episodes of And Just Like That on Sky and NOWTV in the UK. And HBO Max in America. The three streaming platforms have the episodes currently available to download and watch on demand.

There are 10 episodes in total, which last for approximately half an hour each.

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