Emmerdale star Lisa Riley reveals why she will NEVER marry fiancé Al in heartbreaking confession

Emmerdale actress Lisa Riley has opened up why she won't ever get married - despite four year engagement.

Emmerdale star Lisa Riley
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Emmerdale (opens in new tab) star Lisa Riley has opened up on the heartbreaking truth why she will NEVER marry her fiancé Al.

The actress, who got engaged to her partner Al (opens in new tab) back in 2018 but after years of postponing the wedding, she has now revealed the heartbreaking reason why she won't ever walk down the aisle.

Lisa, who is best known for her role playing Mandy Dingle in the popular ITV soap, explained why her marriage plans have changed since getting engaged four years ago.

She told The Mirror (opens in new tab), "We’ve lost both our mums. And when it comes to things like weddings, you do it for the other people.

Lisa added: “I’m never going to change my name, so really, what would be different? And I wouldn’t be able to wear a wedding band very much because I’ve always got Mandy’s jewellery on.

"Plus, I’ve always said I’m not the kind of girl who wants a big flouncy day with a horse and carriage.”

It comes after Lisa marked the 10th anniversary of her beloved mother Cath, who lost her battle with cancer in 2012.

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Lisa, who joined the soap back in 1995, wrote on Instagram, "MY FOREVER ANGEL.

"Ten years ago today, I lost my world. I’ve written everything below. don’t be alone when dealing with #grief #keeptalking #pain #today #anniversary."

She continued, "My BELOVED Mum Cath, lost her battle with cancer (opens in new tab) ten years ago today, the pain, as I write this, is as raw as it was back then. You’ve heard it said many many times, “it gets easier with time” does it???

"The biggest hole is in my heart always, because my mum was so unique, so funny, so compassionate, so caring, unbelievably happy, so giving with her time, to EVERYONE.

"She literally shone like the brightest star you’ve ever seen, and everybody says the same. “Cath Riley, once met, never forgotten” hearing this still makes me cry. Because I suppose I struggle the most coming to terms with how young she was.

"The lesson I’ve learnt is this. I lean on my nearest and dearest, and for this I’m so incredibly blessed."

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Lisa has previously shared her thoughts on IVF (opens in new tab) and having children. And the time of her engagement, Lisa, whose weight-loss (opens in new tab) has seen her lose 12 stone, hinted at 'zero fuss'. 

As she flashed her sparkly engagement ring, she wrote, "Yes I can now confirm the rumours are true....I have got engaged...my soul mate and best mate and love of my life Al is the best thing to have ever happened to me....we have absolutely NO date set for ANY wedding day, just happy together...zero fuss,just firmed our togetherness.,and got sick of having to keep switching fingers with my ring🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣SERIOUSLY OVER THE MOON!!! Thanks for your messages 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘"