‘I appreciate everything more now’ Amanda Holden on life in lockdown and the return of Britain’s Got Talent

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  • Telly fave and BGT judge Amanda Holden opens up to Richard Arnold, columnist for our sister publication Woman’s Own, about how she’s coping during these uncertain times.

    Britain’s Got Talent is back, my friend – and what a tonic it is!

    I think there was an initial debate about putting BGT on, but all of us felt very strongly that everyone needs a bit of cheering up – and sitting down with your family and watching the show might help with that.

    Amanda spoke to Richard Arnold | Getty


    How were the BGT auditions?

    We all agreed that they felt very much home-grown. It felt like they were all facing an audience and judges for the first time. I call them bedroom rehearsers.

    As the longest-serving judge, you’ve seen it all. But every year has its jaw-dropping moments…

    We had a lot of dangerous acts. Simon [Cowell] literally nearly blew somebody up, a man set his genitals on fire and we had a record-breaking unicyclist. I can’t wait for people to see it.

    What’s the secret of the Fab Four judges’ success?

    We’re all very self-deprecating. We share a good sense of humour, have very different opinions and genuinely like each other. That kind of chemistry can’t be created and it seems to work every year.

    How are you and yours coping during lockdown?

    It’s a difficult and worrying time for a lot of families, especially on the work front. In all honesty, I’m quite enjoying spending time with my family. It’s making me take a step back and appreciate everything. I’ve never taken anything for granted, but love the fact it’s just the four of us in one house. Our house is always so busy and so full of other people.

    How are you spending the time?

    I’m cooking, I’m running every day, and I’ve been FaceTiming and contacting family and friends way more than I’d normally have time for. I’m trying to appreciate the circumstances. Of course, I’m very lucky to still be working.

    How are the early starts doing your Heart radio show with Jamie Theakston?

    I get up at 5.15am every day and honestly don’t think that’s bad. I’m quite bright and chirpy in the mornings and survive on six or seven hours’ sleep, so it’s all working out very well.

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