The Great British Bake Off judge Paul Hollywood told to shut up by baking contestant

bake off henry bird tells paul hollywood shut up
(Image credit: Channel 4)

The Great British Bake Off judge Paul Hollywood was told to shut up by one of the show’s contestants.

For ten series of the popular baking show, chef and judge Paul Hollywood has been bossing bakers around, questioning their decision and harshly critiquing their work.

But this week, one baker said something to him that we never thought we’d hear from a contestant.

This week’s show saw the contestants faced with completing the usual three challenges, the signature bake, the technical and the showstopper in a festival theme.

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The festival week theme meant that the contestants drew inspiration from around the world to pay homage to international festivals.

For his signature bake, student Henry Bird decided to make a dedication to Sweden, baking up a traditional Swedish kardemummabullar, which is a classic Swedish batch of cardamom rolls.

Adding chocolate to his take on the Swedish roll, the Durham student managed to leave judges with beaming smiles on their faces and wanting more of his delicious bake.

bake off henry bird tells paul hollywood shut up

Henry enjoying freshly baked rolls, similar to his own (Credit: Channel 4)

Judge Paul was so happy with the dish that he offered Henry one of his signature handshakes, however the contestant was so shocked that he exclaimed to Paul, “No, no no shut up!”.

And viewers were loving the contestant’s command.

Fans flocked to Twitter to express their love for Henry telling the long-time judge to shut up.

bake off henry bird tells paul hollywood shut up

Paul critiquing alongside fellow judge Prue Leith and host Sandi Toksvig (Credit: Channel 4)

‘Henry telling Hollywood to “ Shut up” has just made my day!! #GBBO,’ wrote one Twitter user, while another added, ‘Henry, telling Paul to shut up is the best thing you’ve ever done! #GBBO’.

‘“Shut up” surely that had to be the quote of the series,’ wrote another, ‘oh Henry 😂 #gbbo #mysweepstakebaker #henry #GBBO2019 @BritishBakeOff’.

‘Henry’s utter shock! 😂,’ commented another fan, ‘“No, Shut Up!” He’s just so sweet man! #GBBO’.

Others added, ‘I literally said shut up the same time as Henry, yesssss #GBBO’, ‘No one has ever told a hand shake to shut up #GBBO’ and ‘Henry telling Paul to shut up 😂😂 #GBBO’.

It was a good week for student Henry, as after being offered the surprise handshake he also landed the Star Baker role.

bake off henry bird tells paul hollywood shut up

Henry with friend Michael Chakraverty, who was eliminated this week (Credit: Channel 4)

However, the episode wasn’t all laughs and prizes, as Henry’s close friend Michael Chakraverty failed to impress judges and ended up being eliminated from the show.

We’ll miss you Michael!

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