Prue Leith shares incredible throwback photo of her aged 29 and fans can't believe it

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Prue Leith shared an incredible throwback photo of her aged 29 and fans can't believe how great she looks. 

The Great British Bake Off judge took to social media to post the nostalgic snap, alongside an inspiring caption about body confidence.

In the picture, food pro Prue can be seen looking insanely glamorous in a gown and a pair of huge earrings, posing at a bar with a glass of wine.

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Beside the upload, Prue penned a message to her fans about the majority of us feel our appearance isn't good enough but wish we had appreciated when we look back.

'Isn’t it mad that at any age we ALWAYS think we look grim, should lose a stone etc. In 1969 ( aged 29) I thought I’d die of shame if I hit ten stone. Now I look at that picture and wonder what I was on about: today I live in dread of hitting thirteen stone,' the South African telly star wrote.

Prue added, 'Thank you so much for all the great compliments about how I look on Bake Off! Truth is I’m having a very happy old age, am not averse to fake tan out of a bottle and all the glamour is added by Bambi and Debbie (the glam team) Sharon (wardrobe) and Jane and Claire the GBBO’s stylists!'

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Prue's poignant statement comes after she was showered with praise by shocked Bake Off fans over how incredibly young she looks, after her age was revealed on the Channel 4 smash hit.

'PRUE LEITH IS 80 YEARS OLD?! Stop it,' one wrote on Twitter. 

'I have been reeling for DAYS at the idea that Prue Leith is 80. What the hell are they putting in those cakes,' joked another. 

'Oh my god. Prue Leith of the Bake-Off is 80 YEARS OLD. Holy moly she looks amazing,' a third shocked Tweeter chipped in. 

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