How many classic films can you spot in this brain teaser?

films brain teaser
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Now that the nation has been advised to stay home unless we need essentials, we've got plenty of time on our hands.

We love a good brain teaser, and we even put together ten of our favourite riddles and brain teasers to keep you entertained.

But before you do those, why not take a look at this film inspired one and see how many references you can spot?

This film-inspired brain teaser was created by the team at Latest Free Stuff, who tried their best to hide as many images from classic films into one image.

In fact, there's a whopping 27 films to be found, and some of them are much trickier than others.

It's easy to spot Tom Hanks' iconic character Forrest Gump, the game board Jumanji and the Terminator eye, but the team have done their best to hide plenty more references.

Plenty of Facebook users have tried their best to figure out all of the references, as the tricky image was uploaded to the Latest Deals, Extreme Couponing and Bargains group for people to have a go at.

Latest Free Stuff's Deepak Tailor wrote, 'Apparently, there are 27 films in this picture! I’ve not found all of them... can you?'

film brain teaser

Credit: Latest Free Stuff

If you are stuck, we have the full list of films hidden inside the image so you don't have to keep guessing.

Scroll down to reveal the full list!

Films 1 -5: Terminator (eye), Gremlins (under the bench), Forrest Gump (main image), Jumanji (board game), Edward Scissorhands (background)

Films 6 -11: ET (background), Ghostbusters (ghost under bench), Space Jam (sticker on bench), Back To The future (hoverboard bottom left), Pulp Fiction (background)

Films 12- 17: Honey I Shrunk The Kids (bench), Jurassic Park (shaving can), Wayne’s World (sticker on bench), Hook (right hand side), Harry and the Hendersons (by the tree)

Films 18 - 22: Home Alone (bench), Predator (bench), Indiana Jones (gold statue), Batman (Wayne’s enterprise logo on chocolate box), Short Circuit (robot on the edge of the screen)

Films 22 - 27: Never Ending Story (necklace), The Goonies (bronze medal), The Last Action Hero (bench), Titanic (next to Edward Scissorhands), Dumb and Dumber (men on motorbike), Mars Attack (top right corner), The Big Lebowski (jacket pocket).

Did you spot all the films in this brain teaser? Let us know your thoughts on Facebook!

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