Did Adele just share the key to her weight loss in her hilarious England victory video?

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Adele shared a glimpse at what could be the key to her weight loss as she celebrated England's victory against Denmark in last night's Euros match.

Adele has remained tight-lipped on her weight loss journey (opens in new tab) that has reportedly seen her shed seven stone.

But if you're wondering what might be helping the star stay slim - the clue could be hidden on the bookshelves in the back of her latest Instagram upload.

The multi-million-pound singer, who officially divorced her husband Simon Konecki (opens in new tab) earlier this year, uploaded a clip to her Instagram of her watching the England v Denmark Euros semi-final.

When Harry Kane scored the winning penalty for England, Adele can be seen going wild, jumping up and down with joy in her tracksuit bottoms and trainers. But as she struggles to keep her camera steady, it flashes around the room showing a set of cookbooks pride of place on a shelf.

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Among the titles that could be helping Adele keep trim, are;

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But some fans were left feeling disappointed that it wasn't Adele teasing a new album.

One wrote, 'Girl I thought this was an album announcement.'

Another suggested, 'Maybe it was it was a teaser, you know her first track might start off with the loud celebration and just go straight into the new track. It could also be a hook but that would be really annoying. '