Gordon Ramsay breaks silence over daughter Tilly’s response to Steve Allen ‘chubby’ comments

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  • Gordon Ramsay has spoken out over Steve Allen’s body-shaming comments about his daughter Tilly Ramsay for the first time.

    Tilly has been competing in Strictly Come Dancing 2021, with professional partner Nikita Kuzmi, and hit back after LBC radio DJ, Steve Allen called her a ‘chubby little thing’ live on air after one of her performances.

    Tilly released a statement saying, ‘I try not to read and listen to comments and negativity however recently being called out on a national radio station by a 67-year-old man is a step too far.

    ‘Steve please feel free to voice your opinions however I draw the line at commenting on my appearance.’

    She finished her statement with, ‘I won’t tolerate people that think it’s okay to publicly comment and scrutinize anyone’s weight and appearance.’

    Now, Tilly’s dad, Gordon, addressed the situation, expressing his pride over how she handled the situation/

    In an Instagram Live interview with Thomasina Miers, he said, “It made me feel very proud that she stood up and said, ‘I’m not taking this’.

    “She is 19-years of age for goodness sake – bursting her a**e off and attending university by Zoom and learning the most extraordinary moves with Nikita.”

    He continued, “I think it was a breath of fresh air, that level of standing up and saying, ‘We’re not going to tolerate that’.”

    Gordon also opened up on the subject of physical appearances and shared details of his own body struggles.

    “It is a very sensitive issue whether you are a girl or a guy. I am someone who has always struggled with their weight,” he said.

    ‘I have to train, we eat all day. I pick, we graze, we are around food 24/7. If we don’t train I’d be 350-400 pounds – so all credit to her. It made me very proud.”

    Steve Allen has now issued a private apology to Tilly, following her statement.