Great British Bake Off fans left in disbelief as Prue Leith's age is revealed

Great British Bake Off Prue Leith

Great British Bake Off viewers were left utterly stunned during last night's episode - when judge Prue Leith revealed exactly how old she is.

The South African food expert, who judges the Bake Off contestants' creations alongside Paul Hollywood, is known for her bold fashion choices and cheeky sense of humour.

But fans of the Channel 4 baking extravaganza were taken aback when Prue announced her age to the nation.

During a chat with Paul and hosts Matt Lucas and Noel Fielding about steamed puddings, Prue admitted that she's a big fan of the childhood favourite.

"I am 80 years old and steam pudding, I grew up with them and I absolutely love them," she told her Bake Off colleagues.

Straight away, social media was flooded with comments of disbelief from viewers at home, who were rather baffled as to how youthful looking Prue is as old as she is.

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'Anyone else in shock that Prue Leith is 80?!!!!!!! I knew cake was good for you,' one penned.

'How is prue 80 years old? Drop that skincare regime sis. #GBBO,' added another.

'Prue is 80?! I'll be happy to look that radiant at 40 after this year,' a third chipped in. 

While a fourth continued, 'I am soo surprised that Prue Leith is 80 - she looks so fantastic. If this is where years of eating/drinking food, cakes and wine get you, then I am clearly doing everything required to maintain youthful, glamourous looks.'

The revelation comes after Noel Fielding left viewers in the same level of shock when he confirmed he's heading for 50 at 47 years old.

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'Noel is 47. FORTY. SEVEN. What a guy,' a very impressed Tweeter wrote. 

'Noel is 47! I actually had to Google that to double check,' wrote a second. 

Another wondered what exactly the comedian's secret to eternal youth is, penning, 'I’m sorry. Noel Fielding is 47?! What is this sorcery. He’s a vampire...surely.'

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