Holly Willoughby left red-faced as she makes huge blunder live on This Morning

Holly Willoughby, This Morning
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Holly Willoughby was left red-faced on This Morning after she made a huge blunder on live TV.

Holly Willoughby accidentally let slip some huge news that she was supposed to keep secret during a segment on This Morning.

The TV presenter, who co-hosts the ITV daytime show which is famous for its Spin to Win passphrase (opens in new tab), alongside Phillip Schofield (opens in new tab), was left red-faced when she made a huge blunder live on air.

Holly and Phillip were tucking into a slice of cake that chef Clodagh McKenna had baked using elderflower and lemon drizzle (opens in new tab) and she couldn't resist making a remark about the tasty treat. "This is so good, and you love this cake so much, you had it in your wedding cake?"

Holly stated but was left horrified as Clodagh replied, "Well it's going to be in my wedding cake in August but I wasn't going to tell anybody!"

Clodagh is engaged to fiancé Harry Herbert, who is the grandson of the Earl of Carnarvon. The couple lives together at Broadspear House in Highclere Park.

Clodagh McKenna and Harry Herbert

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Holly said, "Oh! You said it earlier to me and I just thought you were..." as she put her hand towards her face in embarrassment over spilling the wedding tradition (opens in new tab) detail.

Clodagh laughed, "No don't be silly, no it's not that big a deal, I want to give you a hug and I can't! It's going to be at my wedding in August."

Referring to Clodagh's earlier swearing gaffe, Phil asked Holly, "What word came into your head just then?"

Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby, This Morning

"What she said! Oh I am so sorry!" laughed Holly.

Clodagh reassured her, "Don't be so silly, don't be so silly, not at all, that doesn't..."

"Oh god, what has happened?" Phil wondered as Holly continued to apologise for the error.

And viewers couldn't help but joke about the Holly Willoughby This Morning incident. One wrote, 'Next phone in- Is Clodagh being unreasonable to want to kill Holly for revealing her secret wedding? #thismorning'

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Another put, 'I LOVED this and laughed so so much! She’s only human after all! Had to watch it over and over as it was like a comedy of errors, what with Holly’s slip up! #ThisMorning' and a third added, 'Love you guys #ThisMorning'