Is Storm Huntley from Jeremy Vine pregnant and who is her husband?

Storm Huntley attends the Channel 5 2020 Upfront photocall at St. Pancras Renaissance London Hotel
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Is Storm Huntley pregnant was the question on all our minds after the Jeremy Vine presenter posted a particularly cryptic photo last month.

Whilst Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield are the ultimate ITV daytime duo, it’s Storm Huntley and Jeremy Vine who are flying the flag for Channel 5. The pair have been co-hosts since 2018 and just last week Scottish star Storm has sparked a frenzy of excitement from fans with a baking themed Instagram that seemed to hint at some wonderful family news.

Now she’s finally given us the answers we’ve all been waiting for during a memorable appearance on the Jeremy Vine show days after posting that sweet snap. 

But is Storm Huntley pregnant and who is her rock star husband? We reveal all you need to know about the popular presenter...

Is Storm Huntley pregnant?

For anyone wondering if Storm Huntley is pregnant the answer is a resounding and exciting yes, as the popular presenter revealed live on air on January 31st. Questioned over a recent social media post that appeared to hint at her pregnancy, Storm confirmed that she was indeed having a baby, much to the joy of Jeremy Vine and her other colleagues. 

The wonderful confirmation of Storm’s lovely news came after she shared an intriguing new post with followers on Instagram. And she got seriously creative as she opted for a cute photos of her and Kerr peering into an oven complete with a beautifully baked loaf. 

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Writing, “Something’s cooking! ❤️”, the star’s twist on the classic ‘bun in the oven’ saying was met with overwhelming support from fans. 

“Oh WOW!!!!!!!!! 😍😍 Congratulations to you both..... Wonderful News!! 💛💛💛”, one wrote eagerly.

Another joined in with the celebratory messages, commenting cheekily, “Wahhh congratulations!!! At first I was just impressed you were baking 🤣 soo excited xx”. 

“Great news ❤️”, replied Olympic silver medallist Iwan Thomas, whilst singer James Brittain-McVey echoed this as he declared, “Omg!!! Congrats ❤️”.

We have a feeling they’ll be more than a few people eagerly waiting for further pregnancy updates from Storm and Kerr after these super cute announcements. 

When is Storm Huntley’s baby due?

It’s always handy to have a due date calculator on hand, but when it comes to her baby's due date, Storm revealed that she is already quite a way along. After Jeremy asked how far into her pregnancy she was during the Jeremy Vine show, Storm revealed to her colleagues and viewers that she was “15 weeks” pregnant. With the presenter now in her 16th week, this would make her due date around the end of July 2022.

“So we’re almost halfway!” Jeremy exclaimed in surprise at the time, as Storm went on to proudly show the panellists her blossoming bump. She confessed that she doesn’t currently know the gender of her unborn baby, but confirmed she “will find out”.

In the meantime, Storm seems to be enjoying being out the other side of the first trimester as she opened up on her difficult early pregnancy symptoms.

The Scottish star told her colleagues, “Not going to lie, first trimester: horrific, horrific! They don’t tell you that enough. When you think of pregnancy you think it’s all shiny hair and clear skin and it’s going to be a wonderful, lovely experience. A holistic experience.”

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She continued, “It is traumatic to say the least. It was two months solid of 24 hour travel sickness. You know when you’re in a car or you’re on a boat and you have that feeling of ‘you don’t know what way’s up and what way’s down? I may throw up at any moment’? 24 hours of that, including every morning I’ve been on screen”. 

Thankfully for Storm, things seem to be looking up significantly now she’s reached the second trimester. Explaining how she feels now, she explained, “I’m feeling quite good about it. I’m excited, I’m excited about it, I want to know if it’s a boy or a girl, I can’t wait till my 20-week scan so I can see its little face again!” 

Who is Storm Huntley’s husband?

Storm Huntley’s husband is Kerr Okan, singer in the Scottish rock band The LaFontaines, known for their songs King and All In. The parents-to-be tied the knot just six months ago in a beautiful ceremony in Loch Lomond, after getting engaged last year.

As reported by The Sun, fellow presenter Carol Smillie was their celebrant for the ceremony which finally took place after Storm and Kerr were forced to delay their big day due to the pandemic. 

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However, before their wedding Kerr is understood to have explained that he was actually looking forward to things being a bit more of a private and small-scale affair. 

He revealed last June, “I still think we’ll get married this year but I think it will be much more of a low-key affair. To be honest that’s probably what we would have done anyway, not a big hoorah, but I certainly think we would have had a party. I’ll just push the party down the road."

Inspired by his experience playing to huge crowds of music fans and Storm’s busy TV career, he reflected that it would be “nice” to have more of a low-key day.

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“Storm is on TV every day and I’m quite used to having a crowd, so it will be quite nice to not have that. It’ll be nice to be just us,” he said.

The couple spent their honeymoon in the idyllic Maldives and now just six months after tying the knot, they are set to welcome a brand new arrival this summer.

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