How old is Holly Willoughby, who is her husband and how many children do they have as star celebrates milestone birthday?

Holly Willoughby with her husband Dan Baldwin

Holly Willoughby's husband, children and co-hosts have led the celebrations for the television superstar's milestone birthday this year. 

And as the festivities continue, there's no doubt that Holly and her family have a lot to celebrate this year. She's has been wowing us both on and off the screen for the last year with her iconic sense of style, interviews and memorable moments with co-host Philip Schofield on This Morning.

Most recently, viewers applauded Holly Willoughby as she blasted an influencer over their Dubai trip and issued an emotional plea about mental health during lockdown.

She also did parents a huge favour by sharing the secret sleep hack she uses, and posts on Instagram have us searching the internet for Holly's floral M&S dress and pastel coat - alongside other classic looks.

So with fans' well wishes for her birthday flooding in still, here's what you need to know about how old Holly Willoughby is turning, who her husband is and how many children they have.

How old is Holly Willoughby?

Holly Willoughby turned 40 years old on February 10 2021 and celebrated the big day live on This Morning. 

She kicked things off a few days early with a Dancing On Ice birthday celebration, but the real excitement began when Holly got onto the set of This Morning on her actual birthday. On entering the studio, she was greeted by co-workers singing 'Happy Birthday' and was soon surrounded by dozens of colourful balloons. Co-host Philip Schofield then welcomed Holly onto the show with pyrotechnics (much to her surprise!), a Colin the Caterpillar cake and a tipple to celebrate.

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Holly was then taken over to a beach bar on the set, where Gok Wan was playing some of Holly's favourite songs from a DJ booth. This Morning regular, chef James Martin, was making cocktails for the two presenters.

She was also given with a poster of her teen crush, singer Paul Young, who then appeared via video to surprise her with a special lockdown birthday message.

Holly revealed that she was also celebrating the day in a special way as she wore her mum's old dress, the one she had worn on her own 40th birthday. It was a heartwarming tribute, as Holly was unable to spend the day with her or her dad due to lockdown restrictions.

She wrote on Instagram in tribute to her parents, 'I can’t be with my Mum or Dad today but wearing this in her honour makes me feel closer to them... love you Mumma! #sothisis40 💕'.

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Who is Holly Willoughby's husband?

Holly Willoughby's husband is Dan Baldwin, who is a television producer.

Dan is the managing director of Hungry Bear Media and has worked on hit shows including Ministry of Mayhem, Michael McIntyre's Big Show, Virtually Famous and Celebrity Juice.

The two met in 2004, when both Holly and Dan were working on Ministry of Mayhem. Holly was working alongside Stephen Mulhern as a presenter, while Dan was one of the producers on the show. They were friends for six months before they started dating and even managed to keep their relationship a secret, until eight months in when they revealed they were a couple.

During a segment on workplace romances on This Morning in 2019, Holly also commented, "It's quite a normal way to meet someone. It doesn't always have to be some sort of illicit affair. It can be quite a lovely, nice thing."

Holly and Dan later married in August 2007 and celebrated their 13th wedding anniversary last year.

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How many children does Holly Willoughby have?

Holly Willoughby and Dan Baldwin have three children together - Harry, Belle and Chester Baldwin.

Naturally, Holly doesn't share much information about her kids on social media. But on the odd occasion, she will post a photo.

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In the past she's described her eldest son Harry, 11, as a football fan and said that he loves watching sport with his dad.

Belle, 9, is also football-mad according to Holly, "She’s got a little team she plays for, but she’ll be playing it in a Cinderella dress."

Their youngest, Chester, was born in 2014 and loves sport as much as his siblings.

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Holly has opened up about being a mum in the past, describing it in an interview with Hello! magazine as her "most favourite job of all, without a shadow of a doubt".

"Essentially I just have a job and children, though. I have the same issues as the next person, but I do feel very lucky that I’ve been blessed with three lovely children and that I look forward to going to work because I know a lot of people don't feel like that. If I’m going to get up and leave the kids in the morning then it has to be for something that I care about, or feel passionately about – and I’m lucky to be able to do that."

But Holly's looking forward to this changing in her 40s, telling Red magazine that her "30s have been all about the kids - bringing them up, keeping all these balls afloat - but now they're getting older, there's bit more space where I can focus on things that are happening for me.

"I see my 40s as a chance to find myself again and figure out who I am," she said.

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