Julia Bradbury hid four rounds of IVF from family to protect them from ‘pain’

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  • Julia Bradbury had to have four rounds of IVF to conceive her twin daughters Xanthe and Zena, now five years old, with partner Gerard Cunningham.

    And the former Countryfile presenter – who also has a son Zephyrus, six – has now confessed she hid the full ordeal from her mum, Chrissi, as she wanted to protect her from the ‘pain’.

    Talking about her mum to Hello! magazine, Julia said: “She was amazing.

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    Do you tell your Mum everything?! Can't keep my Mama Mou out of the mags since our Greek adventure together! How amazing does she look for 82?! So proud. In this week's @hellomag we talk about what it was like working together, the things she disapproves of in my life 😅 and how I tried to protect her from my IVF pain. We are often asked the question about lies & honesty, but who can honestly say they haven't ever told a white lie to protect someone ? My mum is a warrior & a worrier – some of the stuff that happened would have been too painful for her to hear… Right or wrong? It's a moral maize. @hellomag OUT NOW. Thanks to @davidvenni for photographs I can keep for a lifetime. @roswrites for always being a kind journalist @rosiejnixon & all the team for their #BeKind campaign – more pertinent than ever before. #helllo! #mum #mothersday #family #magazine #photoshoot #greekislands #itv #grecophile

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    “IVF is not pleasant, so it was a matter of getting the balance right between sharing the right moments and not exposing her to too much pain, as I knew it would be painful for her to see me going through it.”

    She also praised her mother for giving her a “loving, secure childhood”, and said: “I don’t think we’ve ever been in any doubt about the love there was, and that’s the greatest security you can offer your children. And I’m trying to give that to my children.

    “My mum is very driven, determined and stubborn, all traits that I’ve inherited. But she’s very cautious.”

    Julia’s confession about her mum comes after she opened up about her own experience with endometriosis, a painful condition that affects the womb lining.

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    I wouldn't have been with my Mama Mou anyway but of course there would be a call, a card & this week we would have had a family get-together with the all grandkids. The card & video call are still on but like everyone I have no idea when I'm going to be able to see her again for a real life catch-up & hug. Sending love to all the mamas out there. We're thinking about you & protecting you by not seeing you – as hard as it is. Love travels through the air so…..mwah! 😘❤️ Right I'm going to catch up on the Chios episode of The Greek Islands on the #ITVHub 😅🇬🇷💙 Happy Mother's Day! We love you. #HappyMothersDay #Mamas #love #family #framily

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    The TV host admitted it took her a “long time to get diagnosed” as she didn’t suffer from any “debilitating symptoms”.

    Speaking on Lorraine, she explained: “I just thought I had very heavy periods, I was a bit moody and had bad cramps. I never had debilitating symptoms so it took me a long time to get diagnosed.

    “I was in my 30s, I didn’t know I had anything wrong. I wanted to check my fertility so I went for a check up and was told I had it. I had laparoscopy. It was a big operation.”