Kate Garraway shares daughter’s tragic message to lockdown rule breakers after seeing Derek in hospital

'I can't stand this any longer'
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  • Kate Garraway has shared her teenage daughter's heartbreaking message to lockdown rule breakers after seeing her dad Derek Draper in hospital.

    Good Morning Britain presenter Kate returned to the show yesterday after Christmas and gave viewers an update on her husband Derek Draper, who is still in the midst of a serious health battle.

    She explained how she and her children, Darcey, 14, and Billy, 11, were able to visit Derek in hospital over the festive period.

    This is understood to be the first time the children have seen their father since he was hospitalised with Covid-19 in March.

    Kate has been tirelessly balancing work and looking after the children as he continues to battle the impact that the virus had on his body.

    Whilst this emotional reunion was a positive occasion for the family, England’s third lockdown has stopped further visits.

    Kate also revealed the saddening thing Darcey said after seeing her father in hospital, during a Good Morning Britain discussion about lockdown restrictions today.

    “Darcey says, ‘I just want to tell everyone please follow the rules everyone because I can’t stand this any longer’.

    “And I think that is the answer, please let’s stick to it this time and hopefully we’ll get through it,” Kate added. 

    When was Kate Garraway’s husband Derek Draper diagnosed with Covid-19?

    Derek Draper was rushed to hospital in March 2020 after being diagnosed with Covid-19. Derek is still battling the aftermath the virus has had on his body.

    His wife, Kate Garraway, has been sharing updates on her husband’s condition throughout his battle. 

    At Christmas, Kate and their children were able to visit Derek in hospital. Speaking of the experience to co-host Ben Shephard, Kate said, “Of course, it was very heightened with emotion because he’s very changed”.

    She also spoke of how “it was one of those moments where it was so wonderful but then also it sort of amplified how sad everything was”. 

    Ben added, “And how different it suddenly is.”

    “And how different it is yeah,” Kate agreed.

    “But it was still fantastic and I’m very grateful to have had that opportunity,” she concluded poignantly. 

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