Kate Garraway wants husband Derek’s coronavirus battle to be a warning to Covid rule breakers

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  • Kate Garraway has admitted she wishes her husband Derek Draper's coronavirus battle could be a stark warning to those not taking the pandemic seriously.

    The Good Morning Britain host appeared on the ITV chat show today, getting emotional as she shared more information on Derek’s health struggles.

    Derek has been in intensive care since he tested positive for coronavirus back in March. It’s since been revealed that Derek has spent the most time being treated for coronavirus than any other UK patient.

    Kate revealed that Derek’s parents have been unable to see their son since before he went into hospital and issued a stern warning to those who have become relaxed with following the government guidelines set out to prevent the spread of the virus.

    Kate Garraway husband Derek Draper

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    “I have huge sympathy with people who are fed up with it. I think if you haven’t been directly touched by it, you haven’t seen the devastation, your life has been devastated, your livelihood, your ability to feel a sense of joy, you’re going to get frustrated,” Kate said.

    Confessing she wishes people could see Derek in his current state to warn them against the dangers of the virus, she added, “It does make me tempted to show a picture of Derek in his current state and say ‘you don’t want this in your life. You don’t know who it will affect and how.’ So stick to it.”

    Pleading with viewers to follow social distancing rules and wear a face mask, Kate, who shares 14-year-old daughter Darcey and 11-year-old son William with Derek, went on, “There’s huge confusion around it, but we kind of know wearing a mask, social distancing, we know the basics, and we have to do our best in the muddle.”

    Becoming close to tears, Kate said, “Derek’s mum and dad haven’t been able to see Derek.

    “If they can go six months without giving a hug to their son, who’s so desperately ill, the rest of us can probably get through.

    “Sorry, I didn’t mean to depress everybody. That’s the reality of getting caught up in the virus directly.”