Kate Garraway reveals the incredibly special thing husband Derek said to her as she left for work

Kate Garraway
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Kate Garraway has revealed the incredibly special moment Derek made a comment as she was leaving for work.

Good Morning Britain host Kate's husband Derek (opens in new tab) fell ill with coronavirus in March 2020 and remained in intensive care for over a year, battling the huge impact the virus had on his body.

After being apart from Derek for so long and sharing details of the horrendous experience in documentary Finding Derek (opens in new tab), Kate confirmed earlier this month that Derek had returned home (opens in new tab).

Opening up on GMB today about the positive aspects of finally having Derek back in the family home, Kate recalled a small moment that reminded her of the way Derek once was.

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Kate's book about Derek's devastating health battle and the impact it's had on their family is out April 29th.

"It has been wonderful having Derek at home. And lots of little positives, I think.

"And whether these are positives because it is genuinely helping his cognition, being at home, or whether it is because I am there to see the little things. You know?

"Whereas I could not go in before and we were on FaceTime and stuff. But yes it feels really positive. There have been little moments of recognition and reaction."

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Kate, who shares 14-year-old daughter Darcey and 11-year-old son Billy with Derek, went on to tell her colleagues Adil Ray and Susanna Reid, "Erm, and he actually said something the other day - I actually walked in, just before I was about to leave the house, to go to Smooth Radio.

"I said 'right, I am going to go to Smooth now' and he said 'new dress?' which was just amazing. And it was, actually.

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"I thought that was amazing on so many levels because he recognised it, second he remembered and realised that I need a lot of flattery, so there was some recognition of what our relationship was based on."

Explaining that Derek's progress is slow, Kate added, "It was just a little moment and of course we are now back to how we were before."