Kate Garraway’s new heartache as husband Derek Draper’s parents are unable to visit him in hospital

Kate Garraway has been dealt a new blow as husband Derek Draper continues to be treated in hospital after contracting coronavirus in March.

Although restrictions put in place due to the coronavirus pandemic have always made it difficult for Derek’s parents to visit, it’s thought there’ll be no chance for them to see their son over Christmas as they live in Lancashire, which has been placed into Tier 3. 

Those living in a Tier 3 area are prohibited from leaving their homes unless it’s for essential reasons, meaning that even if Derek was allowed home from the hospital they wouldn’t be able to see him. 

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A source told the Daily Star, "Kate was prepared for this to happen but it’s still a blow. Derek’s parents have been unable to see him for a long time and now any chance they will be able to before Christmas has all but vanished. Even if he was to come out of hospital they live in Lancashire which has been placed in Tier 3 lockdown."

This new heartache for Kate follows reports that the mum-of-two will appear in a new ITV documentary about covid-19 and its effects. 

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An insider told the Mirror, "Kate has been seen on GMB regularly talking about Derek and his ongoing battle against coronavirus and now she has decided to use her viewpoint to make a documentary too where she speak to lots of others who have been affected and the stories behind the headlines and the people involved.

"As well as looking at what she has gone through, the programme will also speak to survivors of the disease, people on the frontline and economic experts who will give insight about the impact of coronavirus. Based on watching Kate discuss Derek's illness on screen, it is likely to make emotional viewing when it airs early next year."

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