Katie Price’s clothing company has officially shut down

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  • Katie Price’s clothing company KDC Trading officially shut down today.

    The 41-year-old model owned the company, which sold equestrian and clothing lines, but government officials have now struck it off after Katie failed to file any accounts for the business since 2017.

    In April last year, Katie was told that the firm would be dissolved unless up-to-date books were received by Companies House, the United Kingdom’s registrar of companies.

    The deadline has now passed, so Katie’s firm will be broken up and any leftover money will go to HM Treasury. Books for the period ending April 2017 showed debts of £22,000.

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    Her other company, Jordan Trading Ltd, is also being broken up due to Katie owing a total of £2.1 million. This company sold clothing and her perfume lines. It was set up in 2003.

    A liquidator report showed that Katie owes a significant amount of money in tax, £192,000 in total, and that she took out a large loan she was unable to repay.

    In December, the model avoided bankruptcy by entering an Individual Voluntary Arrangement, an agreement where she has to pay back some of her debts. Katie will only pay 41 per cent of what she actually owes, and not the full amount.

    This comes on the same day that The Sun reported Katie was pulled over by police after her children Bunny, 4, and five-year-old Jett, were spotted in her car without seatbelts – just one week after Katie’s driving ban was lifted.

    Katie has also come under fire recently by Instagram followers, who slammed various images of her children she shared on social media. The first was when she uploaded a photo of 11-year-old daughter Princess wearing a Playboy t-shirt.

    She also angered fellow equestrians after sharing a photo of her 4-year-old daughter Bunny sitting on a pony with a loose-fitting riding helmet. Followers were concerned that it was an unsafe environment for the youngster.

    Katie is now required to pay creditors within four years, otherwise her home will be put up for auction in order to cover the outstanding debts she owes.