Kieran Hayler doesn’t want his two children to follow the career of ex-wife Katie Price

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  • What will Katie say?

    Kieran Hayler has admitted he hopes his two children, who he shares with ex wife Katie Price, steer clear of showbiz careers when they’re older.

    The devoted dad, 33, has been looking after son Jett, seven, and daughter Bunny, six, throughout lockdown with fiancee Michelle Pentecost and her son Valentino.

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    When asked what his children would like to be when they’re older, Kieran told new! magazine, ‘To be honest, it’s not really a question I’ve ever asked them because it’s really difficult at this age. Their minds are so active anyway, so I think I wouldn’t get a straight answer. I would support them in anything they do – that’s what parents do.’

    But he is all in favour of them finding their talents naturally rather than follow in the footsteps of his ex Katie Price.

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    He said, ‘The trouble is that all kids want to be at the moment is YouTubers and influencers because they see all these people making shedloads of money for not doing a lot. It’s really difficult to steer children in another way because it’s very easy to make money from social media. With Kate as their mum, it gives them a good platform for stuff like that, but I would like the kids to do what comes to them naturally.’

    He added, ‘It would be nice to try and steer them away from that and focus on a good education first, then let them choose what they want to do.’

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    And he has been doing thing differently when it comes to throwing them birthday parties – which means they’ve been less extravagant and more normal things for kids to do.

    Speaking about the recent celebrations, he said, ‘Rather than having to plan three different parties for the kids, it was nice to have it all together for them. Because we decided we were going to do a joint party early on, I was able to arrange it in advance.’

    It’s not yet know when Kieran plans to marry Michelle but no doubt it will be very different to his first marriage.