Girls Aloud singer Kimberley Walsh announces she’s pregnant with her third child

Kimberley Walsh attends a fundraising event in aid of the Nepal Youth Foundation
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Girls Aloud star Kimberley Walsh has confirmed that she is pregnant with her third baby due next year.

The Girls Aloud star and her husband Justin already share two sons. Now Kimberley opened up in a recent interview with OK! magazine to announce the exciting news that there will soon be a fifth member of their happy family. 

The singer revealed that, "For the family, it's been a bit of light in the distance and something to look towards and get excited about, and plan for."

Despite only being 15 weeks pregnant, Kimberley explained that her bump is already showing, saying, "Because it’s my third it’s going to pop out a little bit quicker”.

However it may not be entirely unexpected, as she added, “I do tend to have quite big bumps”. 

Whilst Kimberley and Justin couldn’t be more thrilled at the prospect of their new arrival in 2021, the ongoing effects of the pandemic have made a few changes to the pregnancy experience.

The 39-year-old singer said that her husband Justin couldn't be with her at her 12-week scan, due to the fact that he was looking after their two kids. They had to self-isolate due to an outbreak at their school.

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The singer explained, "We have to accept there’s going to be a few things like that thrown at us along the way”. She said that: "If you have a baby in these times, it’s not going to be straightforward". 

Kimberley also revealed that, "We chatted throughout the lockdown and said family is everything and we’re not really done, and we’d quite like to add one more to the fold”. 

“We’re just lucky it happened quite quickly,” the star added, saying,“I left it in the lap of the gods– and here we are!”

The Girls Aloud singer spoke of being “really excited” to be expecting her third child". She also said she is now seeing things more through the eyes of her sons Bobby and Cole. 

“With the first one it’s all new and just you and your partner,” Kimberley explained.

“The next one was a bit of a whirlwind because Bobby was still a baby when I got pregnant with Cole. So this time, it feels really exciting seeing how excited the boys are about it. It’s so cute”.

And it seems Bobby and Cole couldn’t be more eager to meet their new sibling. The star suggested that “Bobbly has never really been that bothered” about a new addition, however “as soon as he found out he got so into it”.

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Kimberley went on to add, “He asks me 100 times a day, “Are you OK? And is the baby OK?” We’ve got a long way to go yet!”. 

And if that reaction wasn’t adorable enough, the couple originally revealed the news to Bobby and Cole in a similarly cute way.

“They love treasure hunts,” Kimberley shared.

“So I did them a Christmas treasure hunt and then at the end I left a note under the tree” which read “Mummy has a baby in her tummy”.

The couple have yet to completely decide whether to find out their new baby's gender at the 20-week scan, with Kimberley stating, "we might find out".

This Christmas is sure to be magical as Kimberley and Justin prepare to welcome their new baby next year. 

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