Lorraine Kelly opens up about miscarriage in honest new post

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  • Lorraine Kelly has joined an important conversation about experiencing a miscarriage, after replying to a post by First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon

    Lorraine Kelly replied to Nicola Sturgeon’s tweet, which praised Humza Yousaf and Nadia El-Nakla for their ‘brave account’.

    Humza Yousaf is Scotland’s Justice Minister, and recently opened up about experiencing multiple miscarriages with his wife.

    In her tweet, Nicola wrote, ‘Brave account of miscarriage from ⁦@HumzaYousaf & Nadia El-Nakla. It’s an experience my husband & I had just once, but it never leaves you. Nadia’s account of the physical pain especially sparks awful memories. We don’t talk about all this enough.’

    Lorraine added to the conversation by saying, ‘Affects far too many of us @NicolaSturgeon and you are so right. It never leaves you xx’

    Other women were encouraged to open up as a result of Lorraine and Nicola’s tweets, with one saying, ‘2008 & 2018. Remember both like they were yesterday. Felt I couldn’t talk about either of them at the time as there was a stigma and shame attached. It is still hard to but only by talking about our experiences can we stop others feeling the same x’

    Another added, ‘So sad reading this. The emotional pain of this is just heartbreaking. Very brave of them. A really tough time.’

    And a third wrote, No it never does twice for me scale 4 endometriosis’

    Lorraine has opened up about her miscarriage before, when she appeared on Giovanna Fletcher’s Happy Mum Happy Baby podcast.

    She revealed that her husband Steve grieved as much as she did, but there wasn’t much support for him.

    Lorraine said, “That was a really difficult time and I think yes of course we should absolutely sympathise with the women who go through this but nobody asked after Steve.

    “Nobody ever said, ‘how are you?’ The only people who did, funnily enough, were friends that experienced it themselves and sadly as we know, far too many people experience it. I think we’ve got to be a bit more considerate about everyone and not just partners but extended family.”

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