Love Island's Montana Brown reveals she suffered miscarriage after falling pregnant on contraceptive pill

Love Island star Montana Brown has revealed she fell pregnant last year while she was taking the contraceptive pill.

Warning her fans to take extra precautions to avoid unwanted pregnancies, Motana Brown, who was on series three of Love Island, explained how she "naturally miscarried".

Montana - who split from her model boyfriend, Elliott Reeder, in January, after a two-year relationship - detailed the moment she found out she was expecting - and how she was "confused".

Montana has since given birth to her first child.

Speaking on her YouTube channel with her friend, Carms London, Montana was explaining her experiences of the contraceptive pill.

She said: "I've been on the pill since I was about 15. I'm sometimes just a bit bad with taking it.

"To be fair, I'm now very particular with my pill because I got pregnant on the pill, last year. It was so bad. I was shocked because I was like 'no, surely not!' and I remember I found out...

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"It really was awful. To be fair it wasn't that awful, because I naturally miscarried, but I was actually on the pill when it happened and I was so confused."

It was Montana's friend - who's a mum of two - who suggested she may be pregnant when she felt a strange sensation in her breasts, and she gave her a basic pregnancy test to try.

Montana said she "p**sed on the stick," but, despite seeing a blue line meaning positive, wasn't convinced that she was pregnant.

She continued sarcastically, "Then I got a clear blue test and it was like 'four to five weeks pregnant' and I was like, 'Brilliant!'"

"Did you get a bump at that stage?" her friend, Carms, asked. "No, thank god!" Montana laughed.

Montana finished the video by warning her fans that the contraceptive pill isn't 100 percent effective in stopping pregnancy, and that other precautions - including condoms - should be used when having sex to avoid unwanted pregnancies. There are other contraceptives available, including the implant and the coil.

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