Lucy Mecklenburgh warning after son Roman is rushed to doctors after choking on an apple

Lucy Mecklenburgh
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Lucy Mecklenburgh has revealed she was scared during a two-hour ordeal after a piece of apple got lodged in her son Roman's throat.

Lucy Mecklenburgh has warned her followers about the dangers of babies choking when she shared her terrifying experience of her son 'gagging' after a piece of apple got stuck.

Lucy, 29, is mum to 11-month-old son Roman with fiance Ryan Thomas, who has a daughter Scarlett, 11, from a previous relationship, but she became sick with worry when he struggled to clear a piece of apple that had become lodged in his throat.

She revealed how her baby had spent two hours 'gagging and being sick' and had refused to eat anything following the ordeal.

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The concerned mum wrote on her Instagram story, 'It was scary and I am worried about how he's going to eat now. This morning Roman choked on a little piece of apple he managed to clear it himself but spent two hours gagging, being sick, and bringing up thick saliva.

'He's just not himself I think it must be the acid irritating his throat and shock. He's not eaten breakfast and lunch he put in his mouth, gagged, and spat it all out.'

Lucy Mecklenburgh went on to ask her followers if fear was putting Roman off from eating anything else and added, 'I'm worried he's really hungry but scared to eat.'

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The former TOWIE star told her followers that she had already taken Roman to the doctors, who suggested A&E if he continued to refuse fluids. And later updated fans having confirmed he had finally had been bottlefeeding (opens in new tab) on water and breastfed (opens in new tab) but was still refusing solid food.

The first-time mum described the experience as 'just awful' and admitted she thought once the airwaves were cleared, Roman would be 'fine' as his breathing was 'all okay'. But instead, she revealed her son was 'worn out', napping and she had to check on him every 15 minutes.

Most parents worry about baby weaning (opens in new tab) but Lucy Mecklenburgh said Roman had been a good eater, up until he choked on the apple and she added, 'It was scary and I am worried about how he's going to eat now.'

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She issued an update to her fans later in the day, revealing that Roman had appeared to have got his appetite back as he tucked into his 'favourite' meal, which the reality star made 'fun' and with 'no pressure'.

And later in the day, she enjoyed a relaxing stroll with her son and said he was 'back to his happy self!'

What to do if a child chokes:

According to Health Direct, choking is what happens when something gets stuck in a person's throat or windpipe, partially or totally blocking the flow of air to their lungs. If the object cuts off the airway completely and the person cannot breathe, it's now a medical emergency. The brain can only survive for a few minutes without oxygen. The symptoms include clutching the throat, difficulty breathing and blue lips.

With children and adults over one year and choking, you should:

  1. Try to keep the person calm. Ask them to cough to remove the object and if this doesn't work, call triple zero (000).
  2. Bend the person forward and give them up to 5 sharp blows on the back between the shoulder blades with the heel of one hand. After each blow, check if the blockage has been cleared.
  3. If the blockage still hasn't cleared after 5 blows, place one hand in the middle of the person's back for support. Place the heel of the other hand on the lower half of the breastbone (in the central part of the chest). Press hard into the chest with a quick upward thrust, as if you’re trying to lift the person up. After each thrust, check if the blockage has been cleared.
  4. If the blockage has not cleared after 5 thrusts, continue alternating 5 back blows with 5 chest thrusts until medical help arrives.