Michelle Heaton rushed to hospital while enjoying lavish holiday in Bali

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  • Michelle Heaton was rushed to hospital while on holiday in Bali.

    The former Liberty X singer took to her Instagram page to reveal that she had been hospitalised in the popular Indonesian destination after suffering from severe dehydration.

    Alongside a photo of her in a hospital bed, Michelle explained that she was ‘sick as a dog’ after being hit with dehydration while away.

    In her caption she directed fans towards her Instagram stories so that they could find out what was wrong with her, adding that ‘can’t be bothered to type it’.

    Explaining the scary situation in her Instagram stories, Michelle shared photos of her ordeal revealing that she had “collapsed from severe dehydration”.

    “Last night I collapsed from severe dehydration,” she told fans. “It just goes to show you need to drink lots of water”.

    Adding that she had also had an upset stomach at the same time, the mum-of-two continued, “My problem was I had Bali belly at the same time. I was dripped up to an IV and I’m much better now.

    “Be careful what you eat and drink in foreign countries, especially the ice, because I was not very well at all.”

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    The singer and author shared a series of photos detailing her ordeal, including one of her in a wheel chair and another of her lying in a hospital bed with an IV drip attached to her.

    Michelle revealed that she had become unwell after a £150 meal at a luxury sushi restaurant.

    She later gave an update on her condition, writing alongside a photo of her natural curly hair, ‘Hi crazy hair …. #naturalcurls

    Still probably rocking my #balibelly efforts from last few days 🤢 #needtowashhair heading home soon .. few hours left!

    ‘But going back with a host of ideas on what to do with my life including .. getting to grips with my hormones with @drmartinkinsella

    ‘But in the mean time got a clear mind a bit of a tan and loads of IV scars to show when back 😂🙈🙄’.

    Get well soon Michelle!