Mrs Hinch reveals the real reason she started cleaning – and it’s heartbreaking

Such a surprise
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  • Mrs Hinch has revealed the real reason she started cleaning - and it's heartbreaking

    Mrs Hinch has revealed the real heartbreaking reason she started cleaning and it will surprise you.

    The Instagram Queen of clean, Mrs Hinch – real name Sophie Hinchliffe – has opened up on her obsession with cleaning which has turned her into an internet sensation.

    Since 2018, her passion for cleaning has led to the 31-year-old publishing four books and has turned her into a millionaire from gaining a mass following social media after sharing cleaning tips with her followers online.

    But if you were wondering how a young woman can fall in love with the chore of cleaning and turning it into a hobby, Mrs Hinch has admitted she was “lonely” after moving away from friends and family with her husband Jamie.

    The pair moved 40 minutes away from her family before she shot to fame and gave birth to son Ronnie, and she sought comfort from sharing her cleaning on Instagram.

    Speaking on her and Jamie’s new podcast All The Best (& Worst) with Mr and Mrs Hinch, she was discussing their time living in a flat. She said, “It worked out well but I’ll be honest, we obviously trialled that flat to ‘A’, make sure we could live together and ‘B’, give us a chance to sort of save for a deposit for a house. But I was so lonely there. Because, I don’t know, it was very different to Maldon obviously, it’s very different to the town that I always lived in. It was so busy and it just felt like it was a whole new world even though it was 40 minutes down the road.”

    Mrs Hinch, who is expecting her second child this year, continued to explain how her loneliness grew. She said, “When we then decided that I was going to leave work and go into hairdressing, and you were going to stay at work, even though I loved being at home at the flat, it was so lonely.

    “It was why I just cleaned all the time. I just craved going back home, but obviously, we had nowhere to go where I used to live because there’s not really flats to rent here is there. You can only really buy houses here and we didn’t have the deposit.”

    Since then, Mrs Hinch has earned a living through sponsored Instagram posts, book deals, and cleaning product endorsements – The Sun reported that she was set to make £1 million once her first book was released. Now the couple has their own home round the corner from their family.

    Another Mrs Hinch cleaning reason is it has helped her personally. She said, “Yeah, the reason I think I learned to love cleaning or the fact that I found so much comfort in it, was the fact that most of the day it was just me and my cloths in the flat.

    “You know me and the cloths and keeping busy and hoovering and mopping and shining the sink.”

    Jamie added, “When I came through that door, every day, Zoflora, the smell of it would hit me in the face,” before adding that her loneliness is why she has such a strong bond with their dog, Henry.

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