Myleene Klass reveals why she isn't rushing to lose 5st pregnancy weight after birth of Apollo

Myleene Klass gave birth to her third child, Apollo, just six months ago - and gained five stone during her pregnancy.

However, the former Hear Say singer has now revealed she's in no rush to lose the weight she put on as she wants to set a good example to her other children, Ava, 12, and Hero, eight.

Speaking to the Mirror, she said: “The last thing I want to do is let my daughters see me standing on the scales when I’ve just given birth.

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“I’m not going to berate myself and beat my body up after it has just done something amazing, and is continuing to sustain life.”

Myleene was responsible for one of the most iconic moments on I'm A Celebrity when she stripped down to a tiny, white bikini in the shower, in 2006.

And for that reason, she's even more passionate about the fact it's not important to lose weight and show she can wear a bikini at any size, referencing plus-size singer Lizzo.

She continued: “It’s funny because I’m known for putting on bikinis but who’s to say there’s a prototype for how people should look in a bikini? I’ll wear a bikini whatever size I am. Look at people like Lizzo, who stick two fingers up to the establishment.

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“I’ve lost just over three stone. I’m sure the other two will melt away when I finally stop breastfeeding. I’m not trying to shift it yet.”

Myleene's eldest two children are the daughters of her first husband Graham Quinn.

They split after just six months of marriage in 2012, and then she met fashion PR Simon Motson - the father of Apollo - three years ago.

And Myleene, now 41, has confessed looking after a newborn in her 40s is "massively different" to when she was bringing up Ava and Hero.

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She said: “I’m more relaxed. When you have a child when you’re younger, it takes one comment from someone and you start really second guessing yourself.

“This time around, I just let everything flow over me. I don’t sweat the small stuff. Mentally, I’m stronger than I’ve ever been.”

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