Rebecca Adlington reveals daughter Summer has become a mini version of her in lockdown

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  • Rebecca Adlington has been living with her boyfriend Andrew Parsons and daughter Summer, during the coronavirus lockdown.

    And now, in an exclusive interview with GoodToKnow, she has revealed what she’s been getting up to at home with her and her ex-husband Harry’s daughter, Summer – who celebrated her fifth birthday this week – as they have been co-parenting together.

    The Olympic swimmer told us, “A lot of the time it’s just a case of entertaining Summer a lot. We’re very lucky because we live near quite a lot of really nice walks, we live in like a smaller little village, so it’s kind of nice because we’ve been able to get out.

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    “She’s learned to ride a bike, so she loves going on her bike now, and taking the dogs for a walk.We’ve been baking together, we’ve done lots of jigsaws.”

    As well as learning to ride a bike, Rebecca revealed Summer has even started copying her mum when it comes to cleaning the house and exercising.

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    “She loves tidying and cleaning,” she says. “Because I’ve got one of those handheld hoovers, she’s like, ‘Mummy, can I hoover while you tidy?’

    “She’ll sometimes copy me with the workouts, but a lot of them she goes ‘Mummy, I can’t do that’ if i’m doing a HIIT workout, but she’ll like the high knees or star jumps, she loves all that!”

    Rebecca continued: “It’s really good because she’s learned those skills, because she’s never seen me do them before. This is the first time she’s seen me cook, clean, doing all the washing, working out, and having that lifestyle and I think it’s done her some good to go ‘Okay, if we’re going to have a treat, we’ll have cake later because Mummy needs to work out.'”

    Rebecca and Harry split in 2016 after 18 months of marriage, and the swimmer went onto reveal she was dating property manager Andrew in 2018.

    Rebecca is the Wellness Ambassador for aesthetic and wellbeing clinic KLNIK and has helped to create a package – The Five Rings of Wellness – for them.

    The five points are performance, lifestyle, leadership, vision, and, finally, having a team of your friends and family to rely on, which Rebecca said has become really important in lockdown.

    She said, “I think more people have reached out in lockdown to people that they haven’t spoken to in a while, I definitely have. So I think we’ve all used our team so we’re not feeling totally alone or isolated.”

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