Ross Kemp shares ‘horrific’ video with important health warning to fans

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Ross Kemp has shared a candid video with fans to issue an important health warning.

The actor, who has received international recognition for his BAFTA-winning documentary Ross Kemp on Gangs, took to his Twitter account with a warning to his fans.

Joking that he looked like Mick Jagger, the former EastEnders star revealed in a video that he was attacked by a nest of wasps while attempting to open a hatch to an attic, which resulted in him suffering stings to his nose and lip areas.

“Well, that’s what happens when you get stung by about three or four wasps in a nasal and lip area,” he said in the video.

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Warning fans against suffering the same, Ross added, “Be careful of those critters, don’t go upsetting them by opening up a loft space without asking their permission first”.

The actor also went on to thank the NHS for looking after him and helping on the road to recovery.

"Now being seen by our fantastic NHS," said Ross in a video from the hospital. "A very cool doctor's just given me hydrocortisone, hopefully that's gonna bring it down a bit.

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"I just can't get no satisfaction, ow, it hurts a bit."

Fans took to the tweets’ comments sections, to express their concern for the actor, with comments including, ‘OMG that looks horrific’, ‘Omg that's terrible!’ and ‘Looks bad’.

One commented, ‘Oh ouch!! Hope you’re okay that looks super painful! Hope you’re okay and heal quickly,’ while another made a reference to his award-winning documentary, quipping, ‘All the dangerous places you've filmed documentaries and this happens at home. Hope you're feeling better soon’.

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Ross also shared a tweet to assure fans that he was home safely, joking, 'Wasp Kemp...back home, thank you NHS'.

Earlier this year, Ross praised the NHS’s work during the coronavirus crisis, writing in The Sun, "Doctors are continuously finding new ways to beat this virus.

"But it has to be the positivity and devotion of NHS frontline staff that should give us all hope."

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