Stacey Solomon rushes son Rex to hospital for urgent treatment following a nasty accident at Pickle Cottage

Stacey Solomon
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Stacey Solomon has revealed the horror of rushing son Rex to hospital following a nasty accident at their Pickle Cottage home.

Stacey Solomon has revealed she had to rush her youngest son to hospital following a nasty fall in their garden.

The mum-of-three who is pregnant with her fourth child had to rush, Rex, two, to the hospital for urgent treatment after he fell in their garden and cut his lip.

'We had a bit of a nightmare last night...Rex fell over and hurt his little lip,' she told her followers via her Instagram story.

Stacey Solomon and her children Rex and Leighton

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Stacey, who is a mum to Zach, 13, Leighton, nine, and Rex, two, admitted at first she thought the fall was just 'an up you get' situation often experienced throughout parenting but soon discovered that he'd sustained a nasty injury.

She continued, "He hurt his lip so we took him to A&E and he got some butterfly stitches put on. I'm going back today to get some proper stitches because it's in a really awkward place."

Meanwhile, she also described how brave Rex had been throughout his nightmare ordeal and that he "was so good" and "didn't make a sound" after getting injured, simply telling the doctor to "fix it".

But fiancé Joe, 39, whom she got engaged to last December, on the other hand, needed calming down and had to leave the emergency room.

Joe Swash and Stacey Solomon

'When the kids are hurt, I panic like no one's business' Joe admitted.

And when it came to returning to the hospital today (Monday, 14th June), Stacey reassured fans telling them, 'We are off this morning to get some proper stitches as the butterfly ones won't hold in the awkward place. But luckily everything is absolutely fine. Rex is ok and smiley as ever this morning. I'm nervous for today but I know he will be a little star and I will be there the whole time and we will send daddy off to get supplies."

Stacey Solomon shared a snap of her and Rex sat on the floor ready to take part in activities for children and waiting for a bed and time slot. She added, 'We are going to try and play some games and try to keep his mind off food. I can't wait to take him for his favourite meal as soon as we are out of here.'

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