Strictly Come Dancing fans fume as spoiler Twitter account leaks results again

Strictly Come Dancing 2021 celebrity contestants posing in cast photo

Strictly Come Dancing 2021 (opens in new tab) fans have been left angry after the results of Saturday’s show were leaked on Twitter, revealing who had been knocked out in week five. 

The show sees contestants dance on Saturdays, and the results are revealed in Sunday’s show.

Though it’s made to look as though both shows are live, Strictly is filmed (opens in new tab) for both Saturday and Sunday on Saturday night, meaning the results keep leaking online from a Twitter account called StrictlySpoiled.

According to Yorkshire Live (opens in new tab), the tweet in question was posted just over an hour after Saturday’s live show.

The spoilers revealed a shock bottom two and dance-off between Ugo Monye and Oti Mabuse, who didn’t dance last weekend for a heartbreaking reason (opens in new tab), and Rhys Stephenson and Nancy Xu. Ultimately Ugo and Oti were voted off, confirming that the spoiler tweet was correct. 

Having had the results ruined by the upload, which included various Strictly hashtags, furious fans expressed their irritation.

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One wrote on Twitter, ‘There’s a historic unwritten rule with strictly where you don’t use the Strictly hashtag if you’re tweeting spoilers so you don’t ruin it for those who like to wait.’

Another took to the site and commented, ‘Can I just ask those of you out there that look at the results early, please don’t post it, we all like the results show to guess who’s gone home.’

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And a third said, ‘Annoyed that the strict spoiler used the strict hashtag, so I accidentally now know the results of tomorrow’s show. I strongly disagree with the results.’

One more added, 'Why do you announce this in a tweet? Why not use a link? This totally spoils it for those that don’t want to know!'

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'Well this popped up because of the tags, without me actually seeking spoilers- thanks a bunch,' yet another annoyed Strictly fan chipped in to say.

Sadly as the results show is filmed on Saturday and unlikely to change, fans may need to start avoiding social media at the weekends or block the spoiler account's tweets from appearing on their feed.