Sugababes star Heidi Range announces she’s pregnant with second baby girl after miscarriages

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  • Former Sugababes singer Heidi Range and husband Alex Partakis are expecting their second child together and have confirmed it’s a baby girl.

    The couple already share three-year-old daughter Aurelia, who reportedly cannot wait to be a big sister.

    Heidi posed in a beautiful blue dress showing off her bump for Hello! magazine and took to Instagram to share the fantastic news with her fans. 

    Speaking to the publication about her pregnancy, Heidi said, “We’re both over the moon. Aurelia has been asking for a brother or sister every day.”

    Heidi also confirmed that her due date for baby number two is in August. 

    This happy news comes after the pop star’s 18-month struggle to conceive and struggle of having to cope with a miscarriage twice. 

    Heidi said it got to the point where she feared they would never be able to have another baby and could not relax into the pregnancy until she’d had her ultrasound scans

    Speaking about her pregnancy journey, she added, “When I was pregnant with Aurelia, it was a case of ignorance is bliss – I just assumed everything would be fine and it was. But because I’ve had two losses since her, it was quite a nerve-wracking time until I had the scans.”

    Heidi has said she was heartbroken at the idea of not having a second child, so feels very lucky and blessed to have Aurelia and now another baby girl on the way.

    Having another baby girl is doubly exciting for Heidi, as her sister, Hayley, is her best friend and she is excited for Aurelia to have the same relationship with her younger sister.

    “If we can give Aurelia what Hayley and I have, then that’s the best gift in the world. I’m so excited for her that she is going to have that – but Alex is slightly concerned about the amount of hormones that are going to be in the house!”

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