Tim Lovejoy falls over live on air whilst filming Sunday Brunch in hilarious mishap

Tim Lovejoy

Sunday Brunch presenter Tim Lovejoy took an unfortunate tumble during a live broadcast.

Tim Lovejoy was filming morning show Sunday Brunch alongside co-host Simon Rimmer, when he ended up losing his balance and falling over.

Tim attempted to perform a little dance during the show’s intro, but he ended up falling down and crashing into the set. Oops!

His accidental tumble was shared to Twitter, where Jamie Bolton wrote, ‘When you’re trying to stay positive but life has other plans. Epic fall by Tim Lovejoy.’

The studio around him naturally ended up in fits of laughter, with Simon - who recently addressed viewers' concerns about his health - facepalming and saying, “I can’t even help you up!”

Since many programmes have resumed filming with social distancing measures in place, Simon correctly pointed out that he wasn’t allowed to go near his co-host.

But thankfully Tim hadn’t injured himself after his dance went horribly wrong, with the Sunday Brunch Twitter account giving fans an update.

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On Sunday morning, they wrote, ‘We can confirm Tim is okay Thumbs up #SundayBrunch’

But Tim’s tumble entertained viewers during lockdown, with many taking to Twitter to laugh about the episode.

One wrote, ‘Gets funnier every time you rewind to watch again? What was he trying to do?’

Another added, ‘I’m still laughing. He proper stacked it!!’

A third wrote, ‘Omg I'm sorry Tim but I could not stop laughing @SudcayBrunchC4’

And a fourth added, ‘Just watched this , had to rewind to watch again, sorry Tim’

Tim was able to continue the programme as normal, which included making a chocolate meringue pudding and welcoming musician Izzy Bizu to perform live.

Sunday Brunch returned to our screens in May after a break due to the pandemic, but it's now back to entertain the nation.

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