Undeniable ITV series - has it been on before and who is the cast?

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Fans of the thriller ITV series Undeniable will be wondering has it been on before and who is the cast?

ITV viewers appear to be loving getting stuck into a new gripping storyline with the airing of Undeniable - but have we seen it somewhere before?

Well, anyone who loves to sit on the edge of their seats might have tuned in to the show last week when the first part of the thriller aired.

But some fans are asking 'Undeniable - has it been on before and who is in the cast?' - ahead of the second airing this week. And if you missed it, you can watch it on catchup on the ITV hub.

It's just one of the exciting things on television for the rest of the year as the the true story, Landscapers, airs soon and HBO's The White Lotus is available in the UK.

In the meantime here are the answers to the questions viewers want to know...

Undeniable TV series - has it been on before?

Yes, Undeniable is a two-part British television thriller serial that was first broadcast on ITV in 2014. The reason the broadcaster is showing re-runs of older shows is that the Coronavirus pandemic halted the filming of many dramas which should have been aired.

The single series stars Claire Goose as Jane Phillips and is a drama based on a woman who believes she has found her mother's killer 23 years after the incident.

When Jane was just seven years old, she came to witness her mother's murder and the perpetrators' face have scarred her memories ever since.

When she sees him again, she is determined to get justice.

Peter Firth plays the prime suspect, Andrew Rawlins, who happens to be a leading oncologist at the local general hospital that Jane is attending for her antenatal appointments, where she finds him unexpectedly.


Who is the cast of Undeniable?

Undeniable stars Claire Goose as the lead character Jane Phillips, and she is joined by Peter Firth who plays Andrew Rawlins.

Some fans might recognise Claire Goose from the re-runs of the crime drama The Coroner which is being broadcast on ITV during the daytime.

They are joined by Pippa Haywood, who plays DI Alison Hall, Christine Bottomley as Emma Rawlins, Nick Lee as DS Mark Renwick, Shashi Rami as DSI Vikram Singh, Sarah Winman as Beth Rawlins, Robert Thompson as Max Rawlins, Robert Pugh as Pete Fielding, Felix Scott as Rob Phillips, and Alisha Kelly as Young Jane Phillips.

Claire Goose, Undeniable TV series - has it been on before and who is in the cast?

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Is Undeniable on ITV hub?

Yes, Undeniable ITV series is available to watch on the ITV hub. The first episode of the two-part drama aired on ITV on Wednesday 18th August 2021. That episode is now available to watch on the ITV Hub,  you can get another chance to watch the second installment on Wednesday 25th August at 9pm. And this second and concluding episode will then be available to stream on the ITV hub.

The thriller was released on DVD on 2nd March 2015.


Is Undeniable a true story?

Written by Chris Lang, directed by John Strickland, Undeniable is not based on a true story.

Unlike other popular television shows, such as the documentary all about who Elizabeth Holmes is, or the new drama Landscapers starring Olivia Colman.

The storyline might seem familiar to ones that you hear about on the news but it is not based on real-life events. But lead actor Claire Goose did take inspiration from a true-crime figure in order to get into the role.

Speaking to The Mirror back when the two-part thriller first aired, Claire admitted she "did some research into the case of Josie Russell" in preparation for filming.

This particular case saw Josie Russell, nine, witness the murder of her mother Lin, and sister Megan, six, while out walking in a country lane in Chillenden, Kent back in 1996. Josie was also attacked during the incident but survived her brutal injuries.

Undeniable also shares similarities with the case of the Russell Murders - based in Shropshire in 1991, when Anne Phillips and her daughter, Jane, five, driving into the countryside for a picnic. While out, Anne is beaten to death as Jane watches helplessly.

Jane is still traumatised to this day from her childhood experiences and now Jane is a married mother she is still seeking to bring her mother’s murderer to justice after she thinks she recognises the man who committed the heinous act.

You can watch a preview of Undeniable ITV series below...


Undeniable ITV series concludes on Wednesday 25th August on ITV at 9pm and both episodes are available to watch on the ITV hub.

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